Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make up Your Mind and Running Around

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This past weekend we experienced some very summer-like temperatures in our neck of the woods. We do live in a 4 season climate and we are approaching the summer season. It is not unusual to experience up and down temperatures this time of year. Over the past week, we had all 4 seasons. We went from snow to 32/90ish weather in the last week.

Notice the snow pellets in my garden as I am planting new plants (this was a week ago)

This being said, I found it very difficult to run in the heat on the weekend. I really needed to though for 2 reasons! Number 1 being, I am training for a marathon and number 2 reason being, my overindulgence lately (well, not really just lately, I think it is always…)

B-day cake, compliments of CRM's sister

As if b-day cake wasn't enough for dessert. We had Jello shooters WITH whip cream also

Saturday, CRMichelle and I got out for a 9 km run. We went from complaining that we didn’t have any warmer gear to wear when we were getting ready, to sweating and complaining about how hot is was during the run.

Sunday, CRMichelle and I went for a 20/22 km run. It was very warm and we went through a lot of water.

So glad to see this along the way. It was reassuring to know there was a place to go should we experience those running woes

Monday, CRMike and I set out for a 10 km run and at 5 km I felt soo done. It was so hot- this is where the 32/90ish weather comes into the picture. We made it to 9.5 km and that was enough. According to this article when the temperature rises about 55 degrees F (10 degrees C), you’re going to run more slowly and feel worse than you will at lower temperatures. Ah ha, soo, that explains things.

We covered a lot of ground in 3 days and I hope after 3 days of running in warm/hot weather I am getting acclimatized to it so these runs can stop being so dang difficult. Or…maybe we will get snow again LOL

Regardless, I am happy I was able to do some running on the weekend with my fellow CR's!

3 Cheap Shooters?

What temp did you run in today?

What is your ideal temp to run in?




  1. Interesting link about hot weather running, thanks for sharing

  2. I do not mind running so much in the heat as I do when its HUMID!!