Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who's Ready For The Loooong Weekend?

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Here in Canada we celebrate Victoria Day on the last Monday before May 25, which means that we are coming up on a long weekend! Most Canadians refer to this long weekend simply as May Two Four (probably because most of us will be drinking a Two Four), and it is also seen as the unofficial kick off to summer.

What a Lovely Monarch

Us Cheap Runners always spend our May 24 up at the cottage and this year will be no different in that regard. This weekend will be extra special though as we also get to celebrate CRR's BDay! The weekend is bound to include food, campfires, me pretending I can sing and play guitar at said campfire, and fancy drinks on this thing...

3 Drinks for 3 Cheap Runners - Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker

In order to overcome our indulgences, there will also be plenty of physical activity involved. I'm actually really excited about taking my bike up to the cottage and trying to get a nice long ride in...I bought a new Garmin GPS for the bike and I'm writing up a review on it, so it would be nice to give it a nice run on Saturday, maybe all the way up to Grand Bend.

Time to get the Tight Shorts on and work off the Bud Lights

Sunday will also be my long run for the week. I have started my training for the Chicago Marathon in October and therefore need to start increasing the mileage of my long runs. The longest race I have run so far is a Half Marathon, and my longest training run has been about 24K. Sunday's run calls for 22K, but I think I'm going to shoot for 25K...I guess I'll just see how the legs are feeling after my Saturday ride (and my Saturday night haha).

Well I guess I would have one more day for training with the holiday Monday, maybe I should complete the triathlon training (first Tri is only a month away!) and get in the water for the first time this year? Okay, that might be pushing it...Lake Huron will still be frigid. We will try to make some trips down to the beach to enjoy the sun and sand, but Monday's forecast is calling for rain. Lets just hope that it is a warm enough weekend that we get to wear shorts and don't have to bundle up like we did a few years ago...

3 Chilly long ago that they weren't even runners, just chilly

So how are you going to spend your long weekend? Victoria Day for us Canadians, Memorial Day next week for you Americans...

At the cottage with family!

Who provides your long weekend soundtrack?

Jimmy Buffett for me...Parrothead Confession!



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