Monday, May 6, 2013

Everybody's Working Off the Weekend

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Looks like a nice week in store here in CheapRunner Land…which is good because the 3CheapRunners have a little bit of work to do. It was a good weekend up at the cottage, and we had a chance to get a good campfire going and we were even able to break out the new Summer 2013 gadget, the Margaritaville Liquor Chiller. Check this beauty out…

Follow the compass to quench your thirst

In true CheapRunner fashion, I got this on sale for over half off. Basically what it does is you load up the reservoir with 750mL of your favourite mixed drink and the Liquor Chiller chills it all the way down to 15*F (colder than ice!). Room temperature liquor is supposed to take 2 hours to get that cold but it was quicker than that for us on Saturday night. Before we new it we were responding to the chants of Shot! Shot!! SHOT!!!

CRR can’t even look

Yes, those are Tiki shot glasses

It looks like the Liquor Chiller is a hit and will be providing plenty of hangovers memories this summer…it will sit nicely at the cottage beside my Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker. Seems that Mr Buffett has now cornered daytime and night time libations up at our cottage…all I need now is to somehow find a way to bring Landshark Lager to Canada!


Waking up the next morning I knew I had to hit the road and sweat out the booze run off some calories. I made the kids pancakes and got out for my run just after 10:00…and it was already getting pretty warm. My iPod must have been doing too many shots the night before too as it was giving me some kind of messed up shuffle…at one point I had Alabama, AC/DC, Blink 182 and Eminem. What is that? Old Country, Hard Rock, Punk Pop and Rap? At least the legs felt great though and I was able to knock out just over 21K. What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and Nike+ even gave me this cool achievement to mark the occasion.

iArriba! iArriba!

So how did you guys spend your Cinco de Mayo? Did you drink some margaritas? Eat some enchiladas? Grow a funky moustache?? Let us know in the comments. And also don’t forget to check out the Anniversary giveaway we are doing, you could win some cool swag!



  1. Love those sweedish berry shots (the chasers make them even better :) )

  2. Oh ya, how did I forget the chasers! Real Swedish Berry candies (aka CheapRunnerMichelle's long-run fuel)