Friday, May 31, 2013

May Foodie Penpals

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So last month I discovered this girl's blog and she just so happened to be talking about Foodie what exactly is a Foodie's pretty much like a Penpal, but instead of writing letters to each other - you send them a box of food. Well needless to say I was very intrigued - so I headed over to this girl's page to check it I signed up! So this month I was a Foodie Penpal virgin...but I'm not no more ;) I had an awesome girl Ashley that sent me a box this month. She contacted me right away to find out some info about me!...and then the middle of the month came...and who doesn't love receiving "presents"...especially food. Ashley was super thoughtful and sent me some awesome goodies!!!

All the goodies that Ashley put together for me - were new to me products:

What's inside?


2GoEnergy Truffles

Mmmmm...I love Truffles

What?!? Protein truffles for post workout...who knew there was such a thing. Even cooler - it is a Canadian made product. You can check out the company here

Miracle Noodle/Rice

Ashley really hit this one on the head...I absolutely LOVE pasta - and could never give it up.

Guilt-Free Pasta & Rice

And guess what...they have zero calories (hello...lifetime shipping subscription required here):

...we have only had the fettuccini noodles, and they were VERY delish.


Wait...that's NOT Dom DeLuise?

We used this last night on asparagus, and it was very flavourful


El Camino

Who doesn't love chocolate...especially from a company that does some good in this world, and another big plus - it's another Canadian company!


Strawberry Fields

Can be used as a water flavour enhancer or on ice cream - ok - yes please. Can't wait to try this (and I already know that J will totally love this)


Tea Time

A lovely assortment of flavoured teas (my MIL was super excited when she saw this in my box!)

And a lovely little hand written card

Thanks Ashley!

Again a big HUGE thank- you to Ashley for putting such an awesome 1st Foodie Penpal box together for me!!!

...I have already signed up for June, and can't wait to see what new products I'll get to discover!

It's the weekend!!!! What are your plans? Who's racing?

...CRR and I are heading to Niagara Falls tomorrow for our run on Sunday

What's your favorite thing to receive in the mail?

...hmmmm - parcels from lulu and pro compression!


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