Saturday, November 30, 2013

Snapshot Saturday

Posted by CheapRunnerMike
Enjoy some photos snapped by the 3CheapRunners this week as seen on Instagram.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter Racing, Get Out Your Snow Shoes

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

I know that most of you readers are probably off already today suffering from turkey and pumpkin pie hangovers, but for the rest of the world this is just a regular Friday…which is still good thing :) So while you are out door-crashing and deal-finding, just remember that your Canadian friends are all still working.

I signed up this morning for a 10K race on Sunday, the fourth race in the MEC Series.  We have done race two and three this year and they are very well run and only cost $15…what's not to like?  Well, maybe racing in the snow…I guess it will be a new challenge.  Also, it will be the first time that I have actually raced a 10K, so I'm really curious to see what my time will be.  10K is my most common training distance as that's the distance I run on my lunch break through the week, but I've never raced it.  I would love to break 40 minutes, but the conditions aren't likely to be conducive to such a quick time.  We'll see I suppose.

I've been out for a few decent runs this week and the weather didn't slow me down much.  Monday was really snowy with no real plowing of paths or sidewalks to speak of, but the weather warmed up a bit on Tuesday causing a bit of a slushy mess in spots, but the good news was that my regular running path had been (somewhat) plowed out.

photo 1

I got out again the next day and of course the logical progression was Snowy Monday, Slushy Tuesday and Icy Wednesday.  All that slush had frozen up real nice making things super slippery.  These are the snow tires  shoes I wear for most of my winter running, they are New Balance Minimus Trail 1010's and have some decent grip in the snow (ice -- not quite as good).

photo 2

They work well enough for me but I know there are probably some better options out there.  This, however, would not be one of those "better" options.

photo 3

I can't believe that someone would go out running in the snow and ice we have had in Five-Fingers…though I don't understand why anyone would run in these things EVER.  Sorry to offend any of you that wear these shoes, but I just don't get it.  If you run in Five-Fingers after 30+ inches of snow, you deserve to lose your "shoe" in a snowbank!

The run itself was really nice…I saw one other runner out on the path and it was so peaceful.  There was even a deer that ran across the path in front of me and then took off across the field…such a cool sight in the middle of the city.  Despite the ice, I managed to get my pace up a bit from the last couple days and was just under a 7'30" pace…trust me, it feels much faster than that while skidding across the ice!

photo 4

With November coming to an end this weekend we will also be coming to an end of our #thirtyin30 #runvember challenge…how is everyone doing?  I managed to get in 107 miles this month despite being away on vacation and coming back to Snowmageddon, so pretty satisfied with that!

What's the best Black Friday running-related deal you've found for today?

Anyone else racing this weekend?  Or Turkey Trotted yesterday??

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

To all of our American friends today - I hope you all have safe travels as you prepare to spend the day with your loved ones celebrating everything you are and have been thankful for over this past year.

Please also enjoy a helping of turkey and stuffing for me...I love a good turkey dinner!!!...and since it's just a regular 'ol day around here - no special dinner for me...unless someone would like to invite me over...any takers?!?


Mike and I feel like it is very important to teach our children that life as they know it - is not the kind of life that everyone around the world has...including others in our own city. Both Mike and I were fortunate enough when we were back in high school - we went on missions trips throughout the world...and saw first hand just how fortunate we really are.


So because we can - I think it is super important to get involved in giving back locally - especially with the holiday season upon are a few different ways we have discovered this year to get involved with giving back with our kiddos.


1. Rice Krispies Treats for Toys
All you have to do is make a Rice Krispies treat...get creative and make a snowman, a Santa, a Christmas tree or really anything else (some of the ones featured on their site are a princess, a robot and a race car). Once it's complete - snap a pic and upload it to the website...and Rice Krispies will then donate a toy to a child in need this Christmas. When I came across this - I thought what a really fun and creative activity to add to our holiday to do list this weekend.

2. Be a Santa to a Senior


How it works
"Home Instead Senior Care partners with local non-profit and community organizations to identify seniors who might not otherwise receive gifts this holiday season. The company then works with local businesses and retail stores to help facilitate the purchase and distribution of gifts by placing trees and ornaments within their various locations. Each senior's gift requests are written on a Be a Santa to a Senior tree ornament."

We picked our senior ornament at our local Wal-Mart - and we are going to buy for our 2 this weekend as well. Reading this following story on the Santa for Seniors website really just goes to show you how special this is - to those on the receiving end:

"Be a Santa to a Senior volunteers visited a local nursing facility and distributed gifts to a number of residents, including one 87-year-old woman whom we'll call Mary. She was pleased to receive her gift and thanked us profusely, but it wasn't until we returned to give Mary another gift (the next year) that we recognized the true value of Be a Santa to a Senior.

When we entered Mary's room for our second visit, we noticed that the only card on her bulletin board was the Be a Santa to a Senior card from the previous year. As we spoke with her caregivers we found out that our Christmas card and gift were the only items she had received throughout the year. Mary re-read the card regularly to help keep that memory alive."

3. Angel Tree
Like the Santa to a Senior...but for local children under the age of 15. Mike and I popped into Wal-Mart last night and noticed that the Angel Tree has finally gone up there this year, so while we are there this weekend shopping for our seniors we'll let the kids choose children off the tree - and then we'll let them pick out toys for the children that they choose.

We truly are so blessed and I am so thankful that in these small ways we are able to help make others holiday season just a little more enjoyable


What are you thankful for?

How do you give back?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It Has Begun

Posted by Anonymous

Happy Hump Day everyone!!


So my Christmas shopping has officially begun. Saturday I headed to the mall with these lovely ladies to get things going.


I usually procrastinate on starting my shopping but always find, once I start it is easier to do and not something I dread so much. I mean I loooove shopping and buying things for people, it is just knowing what to get that is the most difficult thing for me. I have a good start on it now so I should be able to finish with time to spare.

After some power shopping, we were starved hungry so we needed to fuel up. We went to Milestones.


There was a bit of a wait so we hangrily patiently waited at the bar with a beverage to pass the time.


As I have mentioned before, I always make the best decisions on food when I am hungry!


Fish and chips it was! So yummy, in fact I would go back and get the exact same thing next time!

After dinner we decided to go for a walk and enjoy our fresh new dump of snow we were receiving.


For a day where my morning didn’t go as I had planned it was a productive day!

I planned on getting out for a 26 km (16.25 m) run that morning. I even got all dressed and headed out the door until I realized there was already 6 inches of snow on the paths and it was very slippery. Instead, I turned around, got my stuff and headed to the gym and only got in a 13 km run. I knew I didn’t have enough time to get that long of a run in once I got the gym so decided to go for some speed training instead. Ended up finishing 13 km in 59:59 for an average pace of 4:36/km or 7:21/m pace.


November is quickly coming to an end! Where did the month even go?? Hope y’all are enjoying the #thirtyin30 #runvember challenge and are on track to finish!

Who has started their Christmas Shopping?

Do you usually get it all done with time to spare? Or scurry around last minute?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Running in a Winter Wonderland

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hi folks…as you saw in Michelle's post yesterday, we got dumped on with snow on the weekend.  In our part of town we ended up getting 70cm (28 inches) of snow in a 24-hour period.  Here's a time-lapse video one guy took from Saturday morning through to Sunday evening.

As you can see, there was a lot of shoveling involved…and my body is aching from it.  The top layer of snow was soft and fluffy, but the stuff down at the bottom was heavy and wet.  Not fun.  All I wanted to do was go back up to the cottage, grab a book and sit here to cozy up.  Nothing like the heat off of a good woodstove fire, love it.

photo 5

While we didn't get the snow up at the cottage, it was still brutally cold -- the wind-chill had temperatures feeling like -15°C (2°F) -- but I did manage to get out for a 15-mile run on Sunday morning.  As I got out into the countryside I felt every bone-chilling blast of wind as it whipped across the farmer's fields.  Despite dressing warm, my fingers were numb.  I wore my insulated Nike Pro Combat running tights (they say 'Hyperwarm', so they must work!) along with a MEC long-sleeve dri-fit shirt and my Adidas winter running jacket.  I added a Lululemon running toque and fleece Nike running gloves, laced up my New Balance MT1010 trail shoes and I was off.  With my hood up and glasses on, my nose and cheeks were the only areas of visible skin…my one buddy said I looked like a scuba diver!

photo 1

The outfit did the trick though, and other than my left hand, everything stayed pretty warm and comfortable.  This is how I dressed all through last winter and I'll keep relying on this getup until something better comes along.

When I went for my lunch run yesterday I had to battle with the snow…a challenge you need to experience to truly understand.  I would think it would be comparable to trail running, but in freezing conditions and with cars zooming by you just inches away in some spots, and neither you nor the car really sure where your next step will take you.

I took to the roads (well, the sidewalks) to run as the pathways through the park were non-existent.  At least some of the sidewalks had been plowed out…oh wait, they weren't.  At least most of the sidewalks had been somewhat trampled down by pedestrians.  There were plenty of snowbanks that I had to hurdle over and let me tell you, that is a workout.  I got nearly 5 miles in and somehow managed to keep an 8 minute mile pace…hardest 8 minute pace I've ever run!

photo 3

We had a little dusting overnight again, so we'll see what the sidewalks are like for today's run…and the sidewalks still haven't been touched by the city :(

In other news, I'm finally getting around to building a little home gym in the basement.  I have a little helper that wants nothing more than to work with Dad and yesterday he was super excited because he got to hammer a nail.

photo 4

He even wore the requisite construction flannel…he's a natural!  Maybe tonight I'll get him using the skil saw (Kidding!  No letters to Children's Services, please).

With this onset of winter weather has anyone else been out on a snow run yet?

Anyone actually enjoy winter running?

Monday, November 25, 2013

We Were Dumped On

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Ugh...have I ever told you before that I hate the snow (remind me again why I live in Canada?!?)...and we sure got dumped on this weekend - 1.5ft to be exact...and really only in the city we live in. On Saturday night after I was done work we had decided to head up to the cottage (I hadn't been up since Labour Day weekend) to just check everything out...turns out that was a great decision...because Sunday morning we woke up to frigid temperatures but this was our view outdoors


Unlike our house back at home...that looked like this


Sunday afternoon I was able to get out for a chilly 5km with my MIL. My watch wouldn't link to the you just get a pic of me in my running gear (and not one that includes my run summary - #sorryiamnotsorry)


So needless to say an even bigger workout was in store for us when we got home Sunday evening and we had to dig ourselves into our house


The other month this pretty gal started making weekly goals and rewards for herself - and I loved the idea, and thought that I would use it to start getting myself back in track. So here are my goals for this week:

- run 3 days
- do 3 other workouts (DVD, aquafit, BodyPump etc.)
- keep a food journal
- pre-plan my meals to make sure I am making good food choices
- no dt.coke during the week

Now I need your help...I need some ideas of "rewards" I can use to treat myself for these weekly goals...what are your ideas for me?

Anyone else get dumped on this weekend?

What did you do this weekend?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

3 Cheap Runners' Weekend Wrap

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

While the 3 Cheap Runners enjoy their day off, here are a few of the happenings that caught their eyes during the past week...


Links we Liked


In case you missed a day...


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Snapshot Saturday

Posted by CheapRunnerMike
Enjoy some photos snapped by the 3CheapRunners this week as seen on Instagram.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking a Poll

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday!

So lately I have had nothing going on upstairs and go blank when it comes to writing my respective posts, ugh! Why does this happen to me??


Does this every happen to you? Where do you turn for inspiration?


I starting thinking outside the box (my head), cuz clearly there is nothing going on in there… to get some ideas.


The first thing that I found outside that box was… You guys! Ya’ll have proved to be very supportive to us so I thought you could help a desperate gal out.


Here are 20 questions. Choose as many to answer as you want and leave your answers in the comment section. I promise to follow up!


1. Are you a blogger yourself?

2. What is your blog?

3. How do you come up with blog ideas?

4. What topics interest you?

5. Do you like to know personal things about the bloggers you follow?

6. What do you want me to write about?

7. What do you want to know about me and or us 3cheaprunners?

8. Who are your fav Bloggers?

9. Why are they your fav?

10. Do you read blogs or just skim through the pics?

11. If you do read, what catches your attentions and keeps you reading?

12. Do like posts that make you laugh?

13. Make you cry?

14. Make you jealous?

15. Make you sympathetic?

16. Do you like short and sweet posts?

17. Do you comment on posts?

18. Do you follow up to see if the blogger comments back to comments?

19. Are you sick of selfie pics?

20. How many selfie pics are too many in 1 post?


Okay, well that is enough of that now, isn’t it??!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Keep going strong with our #thirtyin30 #runvember challenge!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Time to Get Back in the Groove

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Back to work today.  We had a great time on our trip with the kids to Disney World and spent yesterday travelling back home.  It was an uneventful day, and when you're travelling, that's a good thing.

I struggled to get any running in while in Florida…the days were pretty jam-packed to begin with so there wasn't a lot of time to squeeze a run in.  When I did try to get out for a run on one of the first mornings we were there, I discovered that there really wasn't anywhere to run around our resort.  There were some Disney service roads (that i wasn't supposed to be on) and highways (which I wasn't about to risk either).  I managed a 5K but it was far from enjoyable.  A bit later in the trip I went down to the fitness centre and used the treadmill -- again only doing 5K -- and I remembered that I hate treadmills.  I didn't sweat it too much though…this trip was about having fun with the family, not marathon training, and we did have a lot of fun.  I did manage to get lots of exercise in during the week though…I did a tonne of walking and most of it was spent carrying an extra 40 lbs on my shoulders.

image (7)

As I am back in the office today that means I will be back in the swing of my lunchtime runs.  I'm going to shoot for 10K and see how that feels…probably going to let the legs set their own pace as I really don't know how I feel right now.  I'll be happy to just come through 10K feeling good, that's my only goal.

As I try to regain some running fitness while avoiding the scale and seeing the results of all the delicious food we ate (Kitchen Sink FTW), I must say that I am looking forward to some normalcy and structure to return to my life.  But for now here are a few pictures to leave you with from our last couple days at Disney.

The Safari Tour at Animal Kingdom might be my favourite "ride" of all the parks, check out the animals you get up close with.

image (3)
image (4)
image (6)

If that's not enough there is also a couple of walking trails where you can see even more animals. I know how CheapRunnerRhoda loves bats, so I snapped a few pics for her of the world's largest bats…

image (9)

Probably my favourite animal…I just love Tigers and we even got to see them feed.  The best word to describe these animals is "majestic".

image (8)

And another kind of Tiger

image (10)

Our annual ride on the dreaded teacups, and Michelle's annual refusal to go on them with me (I guess I spin a bit too much)


Finally, a sight that just never gets old.

image (1)

Until next time (January Marathon Weekend) Disney!