Friday, November 8, 2013

Runvember Recap - Thirty in 30

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Happy Friday folks!  Friday's are usually the best, but when you are leaving for vacation the next week, these Friday's are even better!  Work today, weekend, work Monday, then we're off!  Can't wait!  My Mum is even taking the kids for a sleepover Saturday night…she's taking them to the local Santa Claus Parade and then having a movie night, meaning Michelle, Rhoda and I get to actually go out!  Sounds like we're going to hit up the retro '80s night at one of the bars downtown…I love me some '80s music!


If you've been on the blog at all lately you have heard us talking about the #Thirtyin30 challenge we are hosting with Skinny Chick for #Runvember.  30 miles over the course of the 30 days in November.  We are aiming at getting people motivated to run, whether you are a new runner, if you've been away from running for a while, or just simply need an extra kick in the butt since the weather has gone to crap <-- that's me.

I set some mini-goals for myself as I have been kicking off training for the Goofy Challenge, which is 39.3 miles of fun at Disney World in January (Half Marathon on Saturday followed by the full Marathon on Sunday).  This week's goal was to get in 3 runs at lunch of at least 10K, regardless of what the weather was like.  I also still want to get in two longer runs on the weekend, with my Sunday long run essentially doubling the distance of Saturday's longish run (distances still TBD!).

I got out for a run last weekend and enjoyed 13 miles in near freezing temperatures and driving rain, so when I checked the forecast for Tuesday's run I was presently surprised to see that it was going to be a bit warmer…I was back in shorts and short sleeves!  I did wear my cold-weather arm sleeves but rolled them down shortly into the run…it was beautiful out!  I knocked out 7 miles and the pace was good, getting me up to 20 miles for Runvember.


The next day wasn't quite as nice…it cooled off a little bit, but the rain came in.  Cold and rainy is the worst to run in, by far.  I'll take snow over cold rain any day.  I had a nice change though…one of the guys at work came to my desk just minutes before I set out and asked if he could run with me.  I almost always run on my own, so it was nice to just slow things down a bit to a nice conversational pace and enjoy running with company, even if the weather conditions were terrible.  I enjoyed it, so hopefully we can get a few more runs in together during the winter months.

Yesterday's run was a really encouraging one…we were back down to near-freezing temperatures, and though it was cloudy there wasn't any threat of rain.  I bundled back up in long sleeves and running tights and hit the path.  My watch was tucked under my sleeve, so I decided that I would just let my legs set their own pace.  I felt like I was going at a good clip, but didn't feel like I was killing myself either.  I came up to a red light just under 5K into my run and as I paused my run I checked my pace…I was at 4'14"/km (6'46"/mile), which is seriously fast for a training run!  I got back going again and tried to keep doing the same pace without pushing too hard either, and I managed to sustain it pretty well.  I ended up getting my 10K done in 42:39, just 7 seconds off my 10K PR!  Ya, I'll say that was a good training run :)


The extra shoe pic in the above is showing off the new Brooks PureConnects I wore this week…really like them so far!  If I've ever said a pair of shoes fit like a glove before I have to take it back when I compare it to these shoes…it really is like wearing gloves on your feet!  The drop on these is 5mm, just slightly more than the 4mm Kinvara's and half of the 10mm drop of the Mizuno Sayonara's I reviewed the other day.  Good shoes so far and I'm looking forward to running some more in them!

Yesterday's run wasn't just quick, it was also long enough to put me over 30 miles for Runvember…I'm at 32 miles now but that doesn't mean I'm stopping.  The spirit of #Thirtyin30 is getting out there and being consistent, and that's what I plan to do.  It will be tough getting runs in next week when we are away on holidays, but I'll do my best to squeeze them in when and where I can.  Maybe I can convince Mickey Mouse to run with me :)


I've been doing my best to get some good strength/cross-training as well, something that I have just never made a priority.  Michelle is my best motivation for this as she has gotten me out to do BodyPump class the last couple of weeks, and I've really enjoyed it.  An hour of intense weights sure leaves you sore the next day, but working out with your partner is a lot of fun…I look forward to our "gym dates" now!  I'm also able to sneak in 25 minutes at the gym while I take the kids to their swimming lessons on Thursday nights…I usually try to hit the rowing machine and get a good set in, but the elliptical will do as well if the rower is in use.

Here are a couple pictures from the week to leave you with

Jackson decided a cookie the size of his head was the best choice at Starbucks
Kennedy wanted a picture of this license plate…"42KM" translates to 26 miles

Do you ever let your legs just set the pace and ignore your watch?

What is your favourite way to cross-train?  Classes, machines, something else?


  1. the world and their dumb metric system making that license plate mean nothing to us Americans!

    You are a running wonder! Keep it up!
    Prior to marathon season, i did a lot of just - let leg freedom ring runs!

    Cross train, I just do a little bit of weight room work and core exercises.

  2. Wow - great job on that super speedy training run. I'm not officially participating in the Runvember challenge but I've been logging miles this month still!

  3. I love that pic of Jackson!!! Cutest kid ever!!

  4. I try to talk in miles as much as I can, but honestly metric just makes so much more sense! Everything in multiples of 100, so simple.
    Let leg freedom it. I'm going to put that on a shirt

  5. I doubt you would have any problems getting in your 30 can be an unofficial participant :)

  6. Especially love that he got decked out in his kiddie compression gear to go watch a race...