Our Races

Here are a few useful links to find races that are local to the 3 Cheap Runners...thanks to friend of the Runners Jeff Rowell (@Runs4Coffee) for the 'Get Out There' link!

The 3 Cheap Runners' 2014 Race Schedule (So Far...)
2013 Races
Walt Disney World Marathon - January 11 & 12
(CheapRunnerRhoda, CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
A Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in Florida for Michelle & Rhoda and a half and full marathon for Mike.
MEC London Race ONE - Jan 18
Mike ran the 5K with the kids in a frigid but fun race.
Really Chilly Road Race - Feb 23
The first race of the year in the local London Honda series and Mike ran in the 10K
MEC London Race TWO - March 15(CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerRhoda)
Mike & Rhoda both ran the 10K, Mike taking 5th overall and Rhoda snagging 2nd female.
Around the Bay - March 30
(CheapRunnerMike, CheapRunnerMichelle & CheapRunnerRhoda)
The oldest race in North America, a 30K road race in Hamilton Ontario. Recaps from Mike, Michelle & Rhoda.
Run for Retina - April 13
(CheapRunnerMike, CheapRunnerMichelle & CheapRunnerRhoda)
All three of us are did this race along with Kennedy and Rhoda's sister Miriam.  Mike, Rhoda and Miriam all ran the half marathon while Michelle and Kennedy took on the 5K.
Forest City Road Races - April 27
(CheapRunnerMike, CheapRunnerMichelle & CheapRunnerRhoda )
Michelle ran her first local Half Marathon, Mike took age group honours in his Half and Rhoda ran the 10K as a tune up for her marathon.
Expedition Everest Challenge - May 3 (CheapRunnerMichelle)
A RunDisney event for Michelle and Kennedy!
Goodlife Toronto Marathon - May 4 (CheapRunnerRhoda)
First marathon for Rhoda!
Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon - June 1 (CheapRunnerRhoda & CheapRunnerMichelle)
The girls did the Half Marathon and liked it so much that they signed up right away
Musselman Triathlon - July 20
Mike will be taking part in his first Half-Iron distance race, which means a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run. The race is in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.
The 3 Cheap Runners' 2013 Race Schedule
London Honda Downtown 5K - March 29 (CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
We ran this 5K together and finished in 29:37. I was pacing Michelle and my goal was to finish under 30 minutes...good job Michelle!
I also ran the 2.5K with our daughter Kennedy and she finished her race in 16:50, good enough for third in her age group!
Run for Retina - April 14
(CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)

Michelle ran the 5K with Mike's sister Emily, finishing in 40:08. Mike's Mum Sue also ran the 5K with a PR of 32:34. Mike & Michelle's daughter Kennedy ran the 2.5K in about 18 minutes (no timing available).
Mike ran the Half Marathon in 1:31:08.
Forest City Road Races - April 28 (CheapRunnerRhoda, CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
Michelle ran the 10K with a time of 1:03:11, while Rhoda (1:44:11) and Mike (1:30:18) both ran in the Half Marathon.
MEC London Race TWO - May 12 (CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
Michelle paced Mike's sister and Mum in the 5K (35:20), while Mike did the 15K race (1:01:59). The races took place at Fanshawe Conservation Area.
Niagara Falls Women's Half Marathon - June 2 (CheapRunnerRhoda & CheapRunnerMichelle)
The girls took part in the Half Marathon...cool race that goes by the Falls and the swag bag included a bottle of Niagara wine. CRR finished in 1:44:21 and CRMichelle was 2:43:00
Bluewater Duathlon - July 20 (CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
Our first ever Duathlon, Olympic Distance for Mike in 2:05:41 and Sprint for Michelle in 1:20:11
Springbank Road Race HM - Sept 8(CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerRhoda)
A local half marathon, Mike finished in 1:30:45 while Rhoda placed in her AG at 1:47:33
MEC London Race THREE - Sept 15(CheapRunnerRhoda, CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
Michelle ran the 10K with the MIL and Rhoda ran the 10K as well and placed at 48:45. Mike ran the 5K with the kids and finished second-last.
Tower of Terror 10-Miler - October 5 (CheapRunnerRhoda, CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
10-Mile night run at Walt Disney World in Florida...our first Disney race! Check out Michelle's recap here
Chicago Marathon - October 13

The big one! The first marathon for any of the 3CheapRunners. Mike ran it in 3:15:29
Halloween Haunting - October 27 (CheapRunnerRhoda, CheapRunnerMike & CheapRunnerMichelle)
10K for the girls (Rhoda 47:59 & Michelle 1:12:09) and a 5K for Mike (18:44)
Lady's Half Marathon - November 3

Rhoda will be running this Half in it's inaugural year
MEC London Race FOUR - December 1(CheapRunnerMike)
Mike ran the 10K and had a PR of 38:24 for the win!