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My First Triathlon - 4th Place!

Welcome to 3CheapRunners! I’m Mike and I started this blog with my wife Michelle and our friend Rhoda. The three of us had been talking for a while about starting a running blog where we could share our stories, and even if we are the only ones that check it out at least we are entertaining each other!

I started running in spring of 2012 and haven’t stopped since. I took to it right away and really enjoy the challenge of the road. In October of 2013 I finished my first marathon (Chicago), and in the months leading up to it I made every effort to bore inspire you with all the details of my training. I love everything about running and would talk about it all day if I could, but my friends are getting sick of hearing me drone on...hence the blog for other runners to listen! Hey, we get each other ;)

In addition to running, I have also raced in triathlons/duathlons. I've completed nine of them in total, all different distances. Triathlon is a great challenge and if you are considering one you should really give it a try...you will surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Some of my interests other than running are hanging out with my kids and Michelle at the cottage, cheering on the Detroit Tigers and making the best homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza on the planet (seriously, I look forward to my Sunday night pizza from the moment I finish work on Friday!).

Here are my PR’s, and, because I am also a shoe geek, what I wore.

5K – 18:44 (Oct 27, 2013) Mizuno Wave Sayonara

10K – 37:44 (October 19, 2014) New Balance 1400

10-Mile – 1:04:22 (December 13, 2014) Newton Distance

13.1 – 1:29:16 (September 7, 2014) New Balance 1400

26.2 – 3:15:29 (October 13, 2013) Saucony Kinvara 4

Olympic Triathlon – 2:20:22 (June 21, 2014) New Balance 1400

70.3 Half Iron Triathlon – 5:35:46 (July 13, 2014) New Balance 1400



Welcome to 3cheaprunners - a pretty random rambling of what happens in my day to day :)

I guess you are reading this page to get to know us 3cheaprunners a little better - ironic that we decided to start this blog, since I am the person that would rather cyber stalk you - then you me...lol

So on to moi...I have been married to my best friend cheaprunnermike since June 2000

We have 2 crazy, but great kids - Kennedy (our bear) and Jackson (our monkey)

CheapRunnerRhoda has been our adopted family since we met - and she is truly my soulmate

All 3 of us are pretty laid back and easy going - and just really enjoy all the adventures that come our way.

My running story...I have really just started taking it seriously within the last year - starting with my first 5km that I did at Forest City Road Races in April 2012 - it was painful, not enjoyable at all - and quite frankly it sucked...but I still caught the running bug, and completed my first 1/2 marathon at the St.Pete's women's 1/2 marathon with cheaprunnerrhoda in November 2012. I didn't finish as well as I had hoped for - BUT I finished.

...and so now you join us as our adventures continue.


God, family, the cottage & beach, sun, running, triathlons, traveling, Disney World, running shoes, celebrity gossip, reality tv, stalking my favourite bloggers, lululemon, pro compression, Nike running watch, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing


People that just want to create drama, peanut butter, people that aren't on time, runners that stop to walk right in front of your during a race (or stop to take off their pants)

We would love to hear from you - so feel free to send us an email, or post a comment. We hope you check in with us often, to see what we are up to!

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