Monday, September 9, 2013

Springbank Road Race

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Good morning and Happy Monday! How was the weekend? I had a very nice, relaxing, low-key weekend. The only plans I had was to run the Springbank Half Marathon on Sunday morning at 8am, which I decided on Thursday night.

Wait, let me back up a little. I had been planning on running this race since the spring but with a number of unplanned things happening since then, my running/training plan got derailed, so I was thinking of doing the 5km run instead. Long story short, Mike and Michelle convinced me to go for it and treat it just as a long/training run, hence my last minute decision on Thursday night.

Here we are…CRMike also ran, you will hear his race capture later.


And, here I am ready to go Sunday morning…


It's so funny to me waiting at the starting line. You hear everyone talking about what their goal is for the race, you hear all the GPS watches beeping as they get linked and you hear the countdown to the start… which is the worst part of the race for me…

It was a beautiful morning with great conditions to run in. My plan was just to run at a complete comfort level and just finish it. I wasn’t even going to look at my watch. I did though. At about 2km into the run, I passed the 2km sign and thought I better check my watch to see how my distance is comparing, and oops, I saw my pace. I was going too fast (4:40/km pace) so I slow down to about a 5:10/km pace, and settled into that. I checked a few times throughout the course and my range was from 5:07 to 5:10.

The race is along the paths in London, that I am very familiar with as this is my usual run spot. I just kept telling myself this was a normal run for me and that I was not in a race. I had my iPod going (first time I have ever used it during a race) and just settled into a great run. I felt great the entire time.


I finished in 1:47:33, with an average pace of 5:07/km. Not my best time ever, but I wasn’t going for a PB so I was happy with that.

I am happy I decided to listen to Mike and Michelle’s little pep talk and go for it! Thanks guys!

And thanks to our fabulous spectators and paparazzi!


After the race, we rewarded ourselves with some Starbucks!


And a little later on in the day, some delicious Peanut Butter Filled pretzels from Trader Joes, compliments of this Chick.


How was your weekend?


Anyone race?


  1. Sugar Coated SheridanSeptember 9, 2013 at 12:26 PM

    Congrats on a great race! I've only run one half and your time blows mine out of the water...And a great Starbucks reward too!!!

  2. Great job - sounds like a fun race and a good run!!

  3. Awesome and Congratulations! so nice as always :)


  4. Thank you! The Starbucks made it all worth it!

  5. Thanks Kim!

  6. Awesome race, and rewarding with starbucks is pretty much my favorite thing ever.

  7. Thanks thanks Laura! Gotta love Starbucks!