Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Fall Weekend

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Ugh...Monday already...although I guess I don't really have much to complain about - since I'm off today - and home with my favourite little man.

Friday night Rhoda was super duper nice and offered to watch the kids for us so that Mike and I could go out together


We decided on Jack Astor's. It was a nice treat to be able to go on a date together; as after a super busy month in September we had not really spent much time together - so Friday night was nice to be able to just reconnect - thanks again Rhodes!!!!

...but don't you worry the CheapRunners were united after dinner for some really good bonding time


I'm back to working Saturday's now; which this week turned out good that I was there - I had 2 super crazy customers that I had to deal with. Don't you wonder sometimes how people make their way through life...and how some people could possibly have friends?!?


The last bridesmaid that I had to deal with on Saturday was unbelievable - it's amazing the things that some people say to other human beings and think it's ok, and that they (as in me) just have to take it 'cause they are the customer...and I am there to merely serve them...ugh such arrogance sometimes I tell ya. Ok rant over...last move on.

After dinner on Saturday night we wanted to go something fun with the kids, so we went and bought UNO and came home and had a family game night. It was fun to teach Jackson a game he can play and understand, and it was nice to just sit around the table and interact with each other and most importantly creating family memories for our children. I strongly believe that they as they grow up they are not going to remember all the toys and "stuff" we did or didn't buy for them, rather what's going to stick with them are the adventures (travelling) or the time just spent together as a family - I am all about creating the memories for them!

After a pretty busy Sunday...K and I had hair appointments on Sunday off we went for our new fall do's

I have no idea what is going on with my twisted sweatshirt

Mike and I ended our night like old farts watching a black and white 1960's episode of Perry Mason


File that under #yesweareoldsouls

We bought a homemade apple pie candle the other night - so they house is smelling like fall!...well I guess I should probably (since I'm at home today) start thinking about packing...more on that on Wednesday...have a great day friends!

What's your favourite fall scent?

Anyone have any crazy customer stories to share?!?


  1. Enjoy your day off!! Glad y'all had a fun date night/family night (love Uno!!). I think my favorite fall candle is pumpkin pie (Yankee).
    I don't have customers exactly but I'm gathering stories quickly in my short time owning a business. Today I'm washing the table linens from Friday night's dinner - I've had to vacuum my laundry room, pick up trash that was wrapped inside them, pick up food particles - all we ask is that they throw away their trash and shake the linens outside before putting them in the bin. Maybe I should start just having them leave them on the table.

  2. THe first picture of mike looks like he has a pony tail! Very becoming

    Glad you guys were able to get out together!
    I think we just need to get internet jacked into our brain so we dont have to look so detached getting out info fix on our phones every 5 minutes!

    as for scents, I love appleish stuff!

  3. Fabulous hair dos! Oh and I'm totes jealous of your day off. Totes.

  4. Enjoy the time off! Definitely have MANY stories of crazy clients/customers... like way too many to even imagine.

    That's super nice she was able to watch the kids so you could have a date night!

  5. Your card game with phones literally had me laughing out loud...So very true in our house too!!

    You asked me earlier if I was going to Disney World or Land or if I had ever been to either...I have been to both but only once and I was only able to visit the Magic Kingdom when I was at World. This time we are planning on World and getting to visit each park. I'm so pumped!!!

  6. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonSeptember 24, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    Love your and K's new fall do's! She looks SO much like you!
    I just babysit from home now, but I worked with customers for many years. I used to work at Dairy Queen and a customer got cold fries once. She came back through the drive thru and THREW her fries at me. The whole box! Crazy, I tell ya. I agree, I often wonder how people even have friends with the way they treat people.
    My fave fall scent is the cinnamon apple flavor. Love candles!

  7. My favorite is Salted Caramel from Bath and Body works. It's FANTASTIC!