Thursday, September 5, 2013

Helping A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Posted by Anonymous

Good morning everyone! It’s the day after hump day! This makes me happy!


Lately I have had some time to reflect on the things that I am truly thankful for in life. Although there are many things, right now I want to talk about some very dear friends! You might know them…

CRMike and CRMichelle-I think they were thirsty!

Last Thursday I had to move out of my house. 2 and a half weeks before I moved I found out very suddenly that I had that time frame to pack and move in. I didn’t even have to ask them for help. I no sooner sent them the text message that I was moving and within minutes they were on the phone with me and had all my moving arrangements made. WOW! Last Thursday we began the adventure just before noon and by 5:30 we had everything moved out.

Not only did they help me move but they offered me a place to stay for a month before I get my new place! Now if those aren’t some great friends, I don’t know what is!! They have always been there for me through many different circumstances in my life. I am truly grateful for both of them :)


It seems they are always helping me out….Until recently… I had to help Michelle…


We were trying to sit on this rock and get a pic!


We did make it up there for our photo shoot.

In running news, I have been able to get out a little more in the last couple weeks. Still no where near what I was doing but better, so I am happy about that.

Sister M has joined me on a couple runs which is always nice!


Well, I hope everyone has a great day!

Anyone have friends like this?


Anyone had their race training interrupted and were you able to get back on track in time??


  1. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessSeptember 5, 2013 at 11:11 AM

    aww yay for good friends!! that rock photo blooper made me laugh- i cant climb up gracefully on things either :)

  2. Glad you have such awesome friends, it can make a HUGE difference!

  3. Michelle is usually very graceful

  4. Thanks! Me too! And yes it does!

  5. You seriously have some awesome friends!! You are also-I see you helping out with the kiddos too! I hope you next move goes smoothly and when in doubt, coffee fixes everything. I'm sure of it!

  6. So glad that you have such awesome friends!!!
    And - way to help Michelle out!!!

  7. Sugar Coated SheridanSeptember 5, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    What would we do without friends like that?!

  8. Good friends are simply the best! I don't know what I would do without them!

  9. They are amazing! And now, thanks to you, we can have some delicious coffee tomorrow!

  10. I try to help when I can lol

  11. I have no idea! I think I would be lost!