Monday, January 20, 2014

Snowy MEC Race 1 Recap

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Less than a week after completing the 39.3 mile Goofy Challenge, it was back to the races for me.  I decided fairly last minute that I would sign up for the first MEC Race of the year which took place on Saturday morning at Springbank Park (where I get most of my winter miles in).

I've raved about the MEC Race Series before, but if you missed previous posts on it it is a local race series that is low-cost at only $15, but yet still a very efficiently run event.  Your registration includes a timed and certified course (5K and 10K for this race), lots of great volunteers, a nice little swag bag that usually includes a few Clif Bars, medals and prizes for the top finishers, coffee/tea/hot chocolate and food at the finish, and new this year, it is now even chip-timed.  Now how's that for a great value?  Plus, the folks that run the series are good people!  Thanks as always to Emily and her team!

I ran the 5K with both Kennedy and Jackson…Kennedy is working really hard at her running and is spending a lot of time on the treadmill, so she jumped at the chance to run in another race.  Jackson is always up for a run (in theory anyways) and he was eager to run with us too.

We got to the park with plenty of time to get our bibs but pinning three of those things on in the cold is no treat!  My fingers were numb before I even got to the starting line.  It was really cold out, we had a blast of cold air come in overnight as well as quite a bit of snow…luckily the city plows had been out and the paths were in good shape for a run.  On our way in my truck said that it was -9°C…BRRRR!

I herded the kids towards the back of the starting group and when the gun sounded we were off…note who is running with their hands in their pockets, what a wimp.


Kennedy and Jackson both ran really well from the start but it didn't take long for the cold to set in.  Jackson made it a little over a kilometre before the crying started…he had had enough.  That meant that most of the race was spent like this…


Not the speediest way to run a race…

Kennedy did a great job though and she was able to run the entire 5K (not that I'm surprised) and she finished with a time just under 45 minutes…very good work in these tough conditions!  She ran in the snow and cold just as fast as she did back in the summer, which is quite the accomplishment.  5K race number 4 in the books for Kennedy!


Look at her go!

After the race the kids were given little kid's prize packs from MEC, a nice touch for them.  Everyone at the race was awesome and really made my kids feel like winners…thanks so much folks!

The kids were frozen (who am I kidding, so was I), so we jumped in the truck to warm up and then went to grab some celebratory hot chocolates and coffee.

photo 1
photo 2

I have such a great time running races with the kids…they help to keep you grounded and they are a real inspiration to me.  It is great that they want to do these races and it is never a case of Michelle and I forcing them to.

photo 3

I love hanging out with my race crew!

Anyone else race this weekend?

How old were you when you started running races?


  1. Congrats to the kiddos! I love seeing others runners run with their kids. I was 10 for my first 5K, kinda hated it and didn't run another race until I was 35! My tot has me beat though at 2 1/2 she has already run two tot trots and asks to get out of the stroller and run with me at the end of every run we do together! I hope she continues to love it, but like you, if she doesn't I won't force it at all.

  2. It is great to see kids out having fun being healthy! It's great that your daughter enjoys running too...I really don't think enjoyment of running is something you need to teach little kids...they just love it naturally.
    I didn't run my first race until I was 33, never ran as a kid (unless gym class and elementary track counts).

  3. A quarter miler, that's funny! Safe to say you made the transition to distance running fairly easily :)
    Ya it wasn't the best day to be out running, hard to get upset with Jackson for calling it a day a mile in. Kennedy loved on of the spectators that yelled at her, "All of your friends are still asleep!"...made her day!

  4. Heather Lee-CallaghanJanuary 20, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    Hey I just found your blog and wanted to say "hi!" My next race is definitely involving piggy-backing! ;) Starbucks is the absolute best post-run treat. Congrats to your kids :D

  5. Well we're glad you found us Heather!
    I suggest being the piggy-backee instead of the piggy-backer...I have a lot of experience though as I'm pretty sure Jackson thinks of me as his personal jungle gym. And YES on SB's after a race, especially when it's freezing out...

  6. Love the videos!!! You guys are my running/cardio inspiration!

  7. great race report mike! love the gif of you running with jackson - one of a kind. :) and lookit kennedy go! that's awesome running form man ... we all gotta look out for her as she matures. we'll be eating her dust.

  8. Thanks Patrick...I told Kennedy the same thing, her form looks great and she looks FAST! Just wait until I get her into some zero drop racing shoes haha. Lucky girl though, she actually fits in Michelle's shoes now...think she's using some Kinvara's for her treadmill running

  9. Super fun! Look at those kiddos go!

  10. OMg so cute! Congrats to all 3 of you, I love that you ran with Jackson on your shoulders for a while! I didn't run my first race until I was in 7th grade (400m dash) when I was on the track team. I didn't run my first 5k race until I was 21/22 years old!

  11. I think most of us were introduced to running with elementary school track I hated those!