Monday, January 6, 2014

I did it….now what?!?!?‏

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Well friends….I did something that I said I was never going to do…I ran further than a ½ marathon!...well not by much – but it still totally counts! I decided to start 2014 off with a bang, and ran 14 miles on the treadmill – and thanks entirely to Netflix – all in all it was actually really good!


Not only was it my furthest run…but I also hit my goal of wanting to run a ½ this year in under 2:30! Now to be able to do this at an actual race…outside…without Netflix to distract me the whole time…


Now onto one of my favourite posts that Cori puts together a few times a year.


#1. Would you rather run in a thunderstorm or a snowstorm? Neither…ok I know I can’t pick that answer so….if we are having a snow storm then most likely that means it’s freezing out, and let’s be honest – I’m a winter cry baby and do everything I can to avoid the cold or having to spend time in it…so I’ll pick the thunderstorm in hope’s that means that it is nice and warm out

#2. Would you rather breathe through your nose or breathe through your mouth? Um both…which I tend to do regularly…but again I’ll play nice and go with nose. I hate having my nose plugged vs having my mouth shut – so I’ll go with the lesser of two evils

#3. Would you rather do 100 squats or 100 crunches? [Now take a break and go do them. ;)]


‘nouf said…moving on

#4. Would you rather have a baked good for dessert or an extra serving of your favorite entree? Unless you are tempting me with a Red Velvet cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing…I’ll take extra of my favorite dish…pasta for all those wondering

#5. Would you rather run on a treadmill for an hour or run around the same street block for an hour? I’m happy to have a date with Netflix anytime over running in circles…plus right now my treadmill is right beside a very large window that I always have open when I am running…so it’s almost like being outside amiright?

#6. Would you rather have a headache during a run or a side stitch? I’ll take a headache – that I can deal with…a side stitch SUCKS

#7. Would you rather have a rest day on a work day or a day off? Probably on a workday…’cause those days are jam packed with work, kids, extra curricular’s…some work days just don’t have enough hours

#8. Would you rather be a race director or a race volunteer? I wouldn’t want to put up with all the politics that I am sure go into being a race director, and I think that volunteering is just such a great way to give back to other’s enjoy a sport we love

#9. Would you rather spend your money on running gadgets [HRM, GPS watch, Headphones] or running shoes? Ummm – I am a girl – so what do you think?!?

#10. Would you rather run in a relay or do the run portion of a distance triathlon? I really, really, really want to do a Ragnar…anyone wanna be my friend and do one with me?!?! Please…and besides I prefer to do the Tri solo


Your turn – pick some to answer below…or you can just make me super happy and agree to run a Ragnar relay with me :)


  1. AWESOME long run!!! You are totally going to run a killer half this year, race adrenaline will more than make up for what you get from Netflix!

  2. Thanks Laura! I'm certainly not going to be worrying about my time this weekend as I will be stopping at every character for pics!!! Bring on the Disney fun!!!

  3. Get it!! Nice job on that 14 mile run!! Netflix sounds like the perfect way to pass the time on the 'mill!

  4. I swear...NetFlix was totally invented by a runner...that was stuck inside 1/2 the year on a

  5. WooHoo - you are going to be treadmill lovers yet!! Way to go on that 14!!!
    I want to do a Ragnar but only in a warm place - I don't want to be freezing the entire time.

  6. The one I REALLY want to do is the Miami to Ket West one!!!

  7. That would be a phenomenal one!!!

  8. Ragnar Key West is one of my dream is in January each year. I love the drive, the run would e great!

  9. my first reaction... 14 miles in under an hour? Go PRO ASAP!
    Snowstorm for sure, my wife doesn't veto snow runs!
    I mouth breathe for running, so I pick that.
    I'll a treadmill for an hour rather than a block just due to ankle pain I will get from constant turning.
    I think Mike could do ragnar by himself! Now that would be Ultra!

  10. Great job on the run! I think I'd rather do 100 squats than 100 crunches, but either one wouldn't be too bad. I'd rather take an extra serving of my favorite dish than a baked good, unless it was homemade bread pudding with a caramel sauce! :)

  11. Awwwesome on your half! I need to try the ol Netflix trick! You are my running inspiration!

  12. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonJanuary 7, 2014 at 8:18 AM

    Wow, we both did 14 mile treadmill runs, while watching Netflix this weekend!! I don't know about you, but I run slower on the tm than I do outside. I know you could get a sub 2:30 half.
    I'll do a ragnar with you! I think that would be a blast!
    If a baked good includes ice cream, I'll take that over an entree anyday. :)

  13. See I'm the opposite - I think I run "faster" on the treadmill. Deal - on the Ragnar :)