Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Frozen Taper

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Only 4 days until we are all running the Disney Half Marathon!  And of course I'll be running the full the next day…yikes!  Most importantly though, only two more sleeps until we are on a plane to Florida and away from what we woke up to this morning…

photo 3

Yes that does say that it feels like -40°, and that can be -40°F or -40°C because that is the point that it is so cold Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same.  Schools here have been closed due to the cold for the second consecutive day and we have already set the record for coldest recorded day in our city.  Brr.  I had to tell Jackson school was cancelled and he was actually really upset by the news…he will end up having 3 weeks off by the time he gets back and he misses going.

photo 5

In part because of weather like this, I haven't been outside for a run since New Year's Eve (when my fingers almost fell off!).  I've been able to get in some easy treadmill runs while watching my Breaking Bad and in my head the warmer indoor temps are helping my body get used to running in the heat again, preparing me for Florida.  Not sure if that is true or not, but it's what I'm telling myself :) …and there is no way to prepare for the humidity that awaits.

I may see about doing one last easy run today or tomorrow, but as far as training goes…what's done is done.  Overall I'm happy with how the training went after stepping things up through the month of December.  I'm about as ready for Goofy as I'm going to be.  I'll be spending this week drinking LOTS of PowerAde and the bare minimum amount of coffee to get me through my day.  Yesterday I downed a few of these and was running to the washroom even more than usual.


Also started with the carbs too, as we had delicious Southwestern Baked Sweet Potatoes for dinner last night.  I'm going to try and take my race week nutrition serious this time around to make sure I have enough fuel in me to get through 39.3 miles.

Tonight brings a new season of indoor beach volleyball for me…though I don't know how "beachy" it will feel inside that warehouse tonight!  Think I'll be wearing my long sleeves for this one.

Well, next time you hear from me I'll be posting from Florida…until then, stay warm!


  1. Heidi @ www.Idlehide.comJanuary 7, 2014 at 9:10 AM

    I heard about your ridiculously cold temperatures:/ I really hope they don't keep coming east! Amazing that you are doing a half and then a full- Good Luck! Looking forward to the recap and of course a picture of the medals:)

  2. So excited that y'all get to escape the cold in just a few days and head to Florida!! Looking forward to y'all's Disney adventure posts!!

  3. back to back half and full?!?! you are incredible!!! good luck! enjoy that warmer weather!

  4. Looking at those temps makes me want to go home right now and get under a warm blankie with some fuzzy socks! Stay warm!! I'm sure you guys are so ready for those warmer temps down south!

  5. Have a safe trip to Florida, and enjoy the warmth! Bring some back North with you k?

  6. I didn't want to leave the house! The warmer temps couldn't arrive at a better time...

  7. Thanks Laura, I'll see what I can do...