Thursday, January 2, 2014

Beginning 2014 on the Right Foot

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hey folks, happy New Year!  I am beginning my 2014 running year by starting my taper for the Disney World Marathon…cutting back on the mileage and the effort.  This is fine with me because this is what it looks like outside today…


Anyone else getting sick of winter?  Every time the snow takes a bit of a hiatus it comes right back…so glad I'll be in Florida this time next week!

I didn't get a run in on New Year's Day, I was busy working away on projects around the house.  I have been plugging away on building a home gym in the basement in my spare time and yesterday I got it all wired up.  Next up, drywall…


Almost ready to use!  It will be nice to have a dedicated space to work out in at home.  While it isn't a huge area, there is enough room for us to have the treadmill & elliptical, as well as my bike trainer.  I'll also put in some anchors to do resistance band training, and if there's room I would love to have a heavy bag as well (though that might be pushing it).

Speaking of the treadmill, that's where I plan to get my run in today…it will be me and Breaking Bad for an easy 10K (or however far I go during one episode).  I did get out for a run on New Year's Eve, but the cold was pretty brutal.  It was -19° with the wind-chill and my fingers were absolutely frozen.  By the time I got back I had to sit and warm my hands up for 10 minutes just to thaw out…it was some serious pain, no joke.

photo 2

As you can see I was dressed for the weather…full on bandit mode.  I was considering pulling a bank heist after my 10K, but my hands were too cold to carry the sack of money.  I think next time I go for a run when it's that cold I may need to see about taking some of hand warmers…I had two pairs of gloves and even tucked my hands into my sleeves and it was hopeless.  Has anyone ever used these things?


Who else is sick of winter?

Any tips for keeping your hands warm during cold weather runs?


  1. Oh Disney is really just around the corner! I love those hand's 20 something degrees here this morning (cold for us)! I used my chai latte as a hand warmer this morning walking in to work!

  2. Now that's a good idea...I need to figure out how to run with a coffee!

  3. Not sick of winter, but we love to ski too! So I'm happy to have it around for half the year and then we get to go to the hill and enjoy the winter. I agree that hand warmers are great also I often wear warm (Columbia) mitts over my running gloves.

  4. I can't believe disney is so soon?! Is the whole CR and family crew going to be making the trek to Florida?

    I'm definitely already sick of winter, I feel like my tolerance for the cold has gone WAYYYYY down.

  5. I guess skiing is a good reason to cheer on the snow...I'll give you that!

  6. Ya it's almost here! Just the 3 of us are going, no kids this time.

  7. Kelsey @ Fueling StrongJanuary 2, 2014 at 3:55 PM

    Congrats on your future home gym! I am so jealous!

  8. I have those exact hand warmers. When I do run outside, I stick one in each glove and it makes a huge difference!!
    Today we are in single digits and I can barely handle it - thankfully I'm finally in for the day!
    Yeah for a new workout room!!!

  9. We're lucky here in SW Ontario...not quite as cold as up in your neck of the woods! Must have been freezing in Quebec City too, brrr. Probably makes Ottawa look toasty :)

  10. Thanks! It's getting there and will be a nice addition

  11. Ya I need to get some of those hand warmers for sure...glad to hear they work