Thursday, November 28, 2013

Attitude of Gratitude

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To all of our American friends today - I hope you all have safe travels as you prepare to spend the day with your loved ones celebrating everything you are and have been thankful for over this past year.

Please also enjoy a helping of turkey and stuffing for me...I love a good turkey dinner!!!...and since it's just a regular 'ol day around here - no special dinner for me...unless someone would like to invite me over...any takers?!?


Mike and I feel like it is very important to teach our children that life as they know it - is not the kind of life that everyone around the world has...including others in our own city. Both Mike and I were fortunate enough when we were back in high school - we went on missions trips throughout the world...and saw first hand just how fortunate we really are.


So because we can - I think it is super important to get involved in giving back locally - especially with the holiday season upon are a few different ways we have discovered this year to get involved with giving back with our kiddos.


1. Rice Krispies Treats for Toys
All you have to do is make a Rice Krispies treat...get creative and make a snowman, a Santa, a Christmas tree or really anything else (some of the ones featured on their site are a princess, a robot and a race car). Once it's complete - snap a pic and upload it to the website...and Rice Krispies will then donate a toy to a child in need this Christmas. When I came across this - I thought what a really fun and creative activity to add to our holiday to do list this weekend.

2. Be a Santa to a Senior


How it works
"Home Instead Senior Care partners with local non-profit and community organizations to identify seniors who might not otherwise receive gifts this holiday season. The company then works with local businesses and retail stores to help facilitate the purchase and distribution of gifts by placing trees and ornaments within their various locations. Each senior's gift requests are written on a Be a Santa to a Senior tree ornament."

We picked our senior ornament at our local Wal-Mart - and we are going to buy for our 2 this weekend as well. Reading this following story on the Santa for Seniors website really just goes to show you how special this is - to those on the receiving end:

"Be a Santa to a Senior volunteers visited a local nursing facility and distributed gifts to a number of residents, including one 87-year-old woman whom we'll call Mary. She was pleased to receive her gift and thanked us profusely, but it wasn't until we returned to give Mary another gift (the next year) that we recognized the true value of Be a Santa to a Senior.

When we entered Mary's room for our second visit, we noticed that the only card on her bulletin board was the Be a Santa to a Senior card from the previous year. As we spoke with her caregivers we found out that our Christmas card and gift were the only items she had received throughout the year. Mary re-read the card regularly to help keep that memory alive."

3. Angel Tree
Like the Santa to a Senior...but for local children under the age of 15. Mike and I popped into Wal-Mart last night and noticed that the Angel Tree has finally gone up there this year, so while we are there this weekend shopping for our seniors we'll let the kids choose children off the tree - and then we'll let them pick out toys for the children that they choose.

We truly are so blessed and I am so thankful that in these small ways we are able to help make others holiday season just a little more enjoyable


What are you thankful for?

How do you give back?

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  1. Late reading after my break but great post!!! I love the ways you listed to help give back to others. Such an important lesson for our kids!!