Thursday, November 7, 2013

Getting Wet

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope your week is well - and that ya'll have lots of exciting things in store this weekend!

If you follow me on IG - you would have seen that the other week I decided to try an aquafit class. Well I have been consistently attending these classes now for the last 3 weeks...and although I am the only one in the class (other than the instructor) that is under the age if 50...I freaking love going. The music is great, the instructor keeps everybody challenged and the hour flies by because I was genuinely have fun....and I must admit - I left my 1st class with an upper body that was more sore - then when I leave a BodyPump class.


These water weights sure pack quite the punch - leaving you sore for days.

Soooo...what are some benefits to one of my newfound favourite activities?!?

- Water supports the body, putting less stress on your joints and muscles

- Water pressure helps the heart move blood around the body, putting less strain on it

- The impact of gravity is less in the water allowing a greater range of motion

- Working out in water can also prevent overheating, helping you exercise for longer

- Athletic rehabilitation after injury - it allows you to rehab your injury without all the strain you put on your body working out on land

- Self-regulating body don't let this one fool you - I still get my sweat on each time I go to class

- Exercise with absolutely no impact ~ just greater resistance

- You can workout free from feeling judged...others cannot see what you are doing under the water, so you can move at your own pace and movement

- Reduction of post-workout tiredness...although I get sore - I don't feel "dead" like other classes can leave me feeling

Spice is certainly the variety of life, and I have really been enjoying this cross-training activity. And it seems it be growing in popularity with many "new" aqua classes popping are just a few I have heard about:

- Aqua-cycling...would l.o.v.e to try this one

- Aqua-fit (the only kind I've ever been to)

- Aqua-running

- Aqua-yoga

- Aqua-Thai Chi

- Aqua-Zumba...I would never try this class out of the water (I'm white - and can't dance)...but since you wouldn't be able to see me shaking my booty or my 2 left feet underwater...if I ever came across this class I would definitely give it a go!

Any other aquafit lovers out there?

What is your favourite cross training activity?


  1. I did Aqua Zumba - It was so much fun!!! They offer it at GoodLife

  2. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessNovember 7, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    aquafit classes sound SO fun! i dont really have access to a gym that has a pool and has classes like that at the moment, but as soon as i do, im going!

  3. I spent half of my senior year of high school running in the pool (injuries!) - it wasn't my favorite. I think I would enjoy a class a bit more (as long as I don't have to put my face in the water!).