Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pop Quiz

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Howdy, it's a looong weekend!!! and it's also the LAST day to enter the giveaway - if you haven't done so yet - go do it here now! ...well - what are you waiting for?!?

I was reading this gal's post the other day and it inspired me to put one together for ya'll today! I stole answered some questions she had posted and then I found a bunch of other random ones on google. So here we go....

Be a barefoot runner or wear running shoes all the time (even in bed)?

This is not a hard one at all - hands down

Free Starbucks for a year or free iTunes music forever? Well since I don't have a clue how to use iTunes - this one's a no brainier, I'll take

Run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly or someone who breathes heavy and grunts? I'll take the talker. I actually really like having someone to chit chat with during a run (especially a long one) it just makes the miles fly by a lot faster - and I find makes the run more enjoyable

Have an ordinary home in and extraordinary place or An extraordinary home in and ordinary place? Definitely would rather have an ordinary home in an extraordinary place - I'm not showy and don't need much in a home to be happy - but would love the adventure and excitement of living in an extraordinary place

Have to give up running for a year with the promise that you will BQ (Boston qualify) once you resume, or Never be able to BQ but run as much as you want? I know most runners would do almost anything to BQ...but not me. 1st off - I'm not sure that a full marathon is ever going to make my bucket list and 2nd I'm ok with being a slower runner and know I would never qualify for something like that on my own

Underdressed or Overdressed? Doesn't everyone wish they could live in their sweats?!?

Be injury free and a slow runner, or a fast runner with constant injuries? I'm slow anyway - so definitely slow, but injury free - these knee issues are such a pain - and I would be happy to live without these issues!

Now it's your turn - pick one if the Q's to answer or ask me a question!

Everyone enjoy a safe looong weekend!



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  1. I am currently the grunting heavy breather - sooo looking forward to being the talker on the long run:).