Tuesday, May 7, 2013


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I thought of this topic for today because that is what my day was all about.

Tuesday's are my busiest day of the week at the office. I don't know if it is just because it is the busiest day that I notice all the interruptions but it sure seems like I get more of these on Tuesday's than any other day of the week.

I do have an office so you'd think that I could keep the rif raf out. There are 2 main reasons that I get useless interruptions. I have one of these machines outside my office:

It is one of the fancy machines that does it all.
For some reason, no one knows how to use it and because it is outside MY office than I MUST be the pro at using it.
My office is also right beside this:
Staff kitchen
I have some chairs in my office so naturally after someone gets something out of the kitchen (snack, coffee, newspaper etc..) they need somewhere to sit down so.....
And that is where they sit....
I don't want to be rude as I do enjoy all the visits but some days.....grrrrr....
I dug up a few stats on interruptions in the workplace and the damaging effects on the production of employees. Here are a few of them:
  1. The average employee spends 28% of their time dealing with unnecessary interruptions followed by "recovery time" to get back on track. (2009, Basex)
  2. The time spent per day being interrupted and trying to refocus is 2.1 hours. (2009, Basex)
  3. Physically co-located workers spend longer chunks of time engaged in tasks for which they are not accountable. (University of California-Irvine)
  4. The average manager is interrupted every 8 minutes. (Study conducted by Priority Management)
  5. The Institude of Psychiatry at the University of London suggest that your IQ falls 10 points when you're fielding constant emails, text messages and calls. This is the same loss you'd experience if you had missed an entire night's sleep. (Yoga Journal, p. 22, 12/2005)
  6. The cost of managing interruptions at work costs the US economy $588 billion per year. (2009, Basex)
Those are some pretty startling statistics! Guess I better start kicking those people out!
With all that being said, I still managed to get all my work done and get out to meet sister M at the park for a 11k run after work!
It was a warm one tonight!
Speaking of warm, CRM and I were out for a run on Sunday. When I got home later and looked in the mirror, I realized that it is now time to start remembering to put the sunblock on pre-run. I was a little late that day!
Remember to start sun-blocking up all you runners!


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