Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kennedy and feeling the need to Burp

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It's the weekend!!! Normally I work on Saturday's...but not today - so I get to spend the whole weekend with the family! Which is great - especially since it is such a special weekend. Yesterday was K's 10th where does the time go (and yes for all of you trying to do the math - I was like 12 when I had her...just kidding - or am I?!? Lol)

K being K at the Beach

It feels like we have been celebrating her champagne birthday ALL month (well actually just this past week). It all started with her kids' party last weekend

Opening Pressies with her BFF's

Dinner out on Thursday

Pallasad -- Thursday Kids Eat Free & $11 Pasta!

Quiet dinner at home last night

Growing up way too Fast

...and then the party we host every year - her family party on Mother's Day. We are very lucky to have both our mom's in town - and one grandma - so it's a perfect excuse to have everyone together that day

My mom and K


CMR talked the other week about the importance of cross with this being a VERY low mileage week for me, due to my knee - I've had lots of extra time on my hands

I read this girl's back post and stole liked her idea - so this is something I have been trying to keep up with every morning. (Definitely need it - to get rid of those bat wing arms that are starting)...I decided my # would be 13, since the year ends in 13. I know - I am sooo clever...

CMR also shared with you that she has taken on the 30 day squat challenge...due to my knee I decided this wasn't a great idea for me right did some research (aka I googled) and I found this 100 day Burpee challenge here.

Bad Gas -- the Burpee Challenge

Challenge accepted - and will commence on Monday (you might need to wish me luck by day 50)

You still have 1 more week to enter the giveaway - so make sure to go check it out.

Have a GREAT weekend...and happy racing to everyone racing this weekend

What are you doing for Mother's Day this weekend?

Any other "challenges" out there that I need to know about?

Are you racing this weekend?

- yes I am running the MEC London race on Sunday morning 5km



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  1. Great pic of k! So proud of the little woman she is:). Weekend plans involve a whole lot of family time and the MEC race tomorrow...looking forward to it!