Friday, April 18, 2014

Tiger Time

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hi folks, welcome to the long weekend!  It's Easter Weekend and as Christians we celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ, the foundation of our salvation.  Michelle and I are up at the cottage with my family for the next couple days before heading back home to be with Michelle's mom.  Hopefully you are able to spend time with the people closest to you this weekend as well.

Yesterday I got an early head start on the long weekend as I had the day off work.  I did one of the best possible day off work activities there is (or day off school in Ferris Bueller's case) and caught an afternoon ballgame.  My brother and one of my buddies made the drive down to Detroit and watched my Tigers beat the Indians 7-5…it was an amazing day for a ballgame with temperatures in the low 60's and beautiful sunshine.  Plus my buddy got us some sweet seats right behind the dugout for only $20!  Gotta love StubHub!


Not a bad view at all!  There are some exciting new items on the menu this year at Comerica Park, including the poutine hotdog -- which is an all-meat frank topped with french fries, cajun cheese curds and gravy -- as well as the meatloaf cupcake, consisting of hamburger meat, cheddar mashed potatoes and BBQ sauce.  Unfortunately no one in our party tried any of the new features…it's a long season though so there's still time!


Earlier this week registration opened at our YMCA for Spring programs…I got both of the kids signed up for their next level of swimming lessons and while doing that I decided to see if Michelle would be interested in joining one of the adult Masters Swim programs that are offered.  She said she would do it so we are signed up to do this together.  Starting in two weeks we will be right out of our comfort zones as we try to get more out of our swimming as well as our Y memberships!  The course is $80 but free for members Smile  Here's a brief description of what we've gotten ourselves into..

This is a competitive program for adults and teens interested in training with others.  Workouts include interval training and drills, as well as stroke correction.  This is an ideal program for both competitive swimmers and triathletes.

Should be an interesting way to spend 90 minutes together!


Finally, I had to go back on one of my promises to myself on Tuesday…I went for a run in tights.  They were supposed to have been put away for the season but it was below freezing again with snow on the ground (and in the air!).  I got out for a quick 5K to stretch my legs…hopefully that really was the last time!

Who else loves going to ballgames?  Who's your favourite team?

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?


  1. I'm not sure how good those new ball park foods sound!
    I like baseball.
    Fun fact - some friends of ours oldest son is a ball player and he has been in the minors for a few years. This year he just go pulled up and now pitches for the Washington Nationals - he debuted last Saturday against the Braves and did great!!!

  2. ahh man sounds so fun! I have not been to a ball game in forever...but I love going to the Texas Rangers games down here!

    Happy Easter!!

  3. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comApril 18, 2014 at 2:43 PM

    I used to only watch baseball if I WENT to a game. I had to be there or I got bored to death. Enter my boyfriend of 5+ years- he was a pitcher in high school and part of college. I never make him change the channel if it's a big game (he's actually good about not making me watch most games) and I pretend I'm in to it- but secretly I wish I could fall asleep with my eyes open. Okay, not that bad, but typically I'll offer to go make him a snack haha.

  4. Wow that's cool Kim! Good for him!

    I'm thinking those new menu items will not find their way to me...

  5. Always fun to get out to the park...happy Easter!

  6. Snacks are good too, I'm sure he doesn't mind :)
    You really need to be a fan or baseball (on TV) can be a real can't beat the ballpark experience though!