Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sometimes, Training Just Sucks

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Do you ever feel like your training is just not where you want it to be?  Like for every good workout you have is followed by two or three blah efforts?  Like every time you feel like you're about to break through and get a good stretch of activity in there's always something waiting to knock you down?  Well if you have felt like that, I can relate.

I think it started with the weather.  Everyone has had to deal with the winter weather this year and as much as I didn't like it, I put up with it all the way into February.  That's when we went away on vacation to the Dominican Republic and I had a taste of what nice weather was again.  Once we got back to Canada my outdoor running really dropped off.  I just couldn't do it anymore.  I tried to replace the missed runs with more sessions on the bike trainer and I started swimming as well…both great ways to cross train as well as necessary training for my upcoming half ironman…but also things that got me out of my normal running groove of 4+ runs per week.

I started making an effort to try and get both my running volume and mileage back up before the 30K Around the Bay Race in late March only to be greeted with foot pain which forced me into a two week running hiatus before the race.  I completed the 30K pain free…albeit slower than I would have hoped to if you asked me when I signed up…but at least I knew I could run again.  My speed seemed to come back pretty well too as I was able to get in some decent training runs.  My next race wasn't too far out either, the Run for Retina half marathon.  I had some good runs leading up to it, but only maxed out at around 8 or 9 miles.  Come race day I started out quicker than I should have and was gassed around the 10 mile mark…my endurance just wasn't there.

After that half I had two weeks to get ready for my next race, this weekend's Forest City Road Races half marathon.  I was determined to get in a couple more good runs and a longer run of 10 miles or so, but this past weekend I was hit by a cold.  My allergies were already bugging me, but over Easter Weekend the coughing and hacking kicked in.  I got out for a run with Michelle on Good Friday, but my Saturday 10-miler was put on ice since I pretty much couldn't breathe.  Easter Sunday was too beautiful of a day to pass on though, so I did get my Cervelo outdoors for her maiden voyage on the roads (and off that bloody trainer!)

photo 1

I had great intentions of doing a nice long ride, but all I could muster was 30K, which was just under an hour of riding.  My lungs were screaming at me and my throat was killing me…I still had fun though Smile

Monday was a little bit better but I decided it was best to just take another easy day…so we took the kids for frozen yogurt instead of swimming.


Tuesday morning I was feeling a bit better and really wanted to get a run in, so I threw my shorts and other gear into my gymbag to run at work.  Lunch time came and it was cold…right around freezing with the windchill.  We seriously should not need to worry about windchill in late April!  I only had shorts and short sleeves…I didn't even have my compression socks to keep my calves warm!  I ran anyways, but between the cold weather and being pressed for time (work has been stupid busy lately) I could only manage a little over 5 miles.  It was a decent run though, despite thinking I would hack up a lung at times.

photo 4

That brings us to today, and I feel better than I have in about a week.  I brought my swim gear to work and plan on heading to the Y at lunch to get a swim in.  I haven't been in the pool for over a week (not being able to breathe and swimming don't really mix well) so I am really looking forward to today's session.

After today it will probably be one more shorter run and likely another swim then the half marathon on the weekend.  I'm not really concerned with time or results, but I would like to get through it feeling strong and use the race as a springboard to a successful training block over the next few months.

Do you ever feel like you just can't get your training on track?


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I can totally relate. Sometimes I think backing off and biking or swimming are just what's needed when running is just not flowing the way it should. Way to stick with it. Have a great race!

  2. Sorry you have had such a rough time of it lately - that means you are due for a good patch and a great race!!!

  3. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comApril 23, 2014 at 1:50 PM

    Ugh I'm sorry your training has been a little craptastic lately! I can definitely relate...the important thing is that you're still out there doin' it and staying healthy!

  4. I can definitely relate to this! Training is never going to be 100% perfect. I think all runners and endurance athletes are going to feel like this at some point in their training. Definitely stick with it and ride out the ups and downs. I know you are going to have an awesome race!!

  5. For sure Marcia, that's what I'm hoping for!

  6. It really hasn't been terrible, just lacking some consistency and not where I'm used to being. Just would like to feel 100% again!

  7. Oh so true Chelsea...everyone gets the training blahs and it just happens to be my time to go through it.

  8. hey mike - i'm still 100% behind you fella. i had a blasé workout last week and my bud kyle kranz just reminded me that your body still respects the effort that you put out and will pay you back for it. trust the training dude, and have a great race this weekend!

  9. Sounds like your buddy Kyle is a smart dude! That's some good advice, thanks Patrick