Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Yesterday morning I watched as much as I could of the Boston Marathon at home before I had to head to work. As soon as I got to work, I listened to the marathon on the radio, and about an hour after I had been listening to it my boss leans back in his chair and pokes his head out of his office and says to me "You're not seriously listening to a marathon are you? Watching paint dry would be more interesting." #nonrunnersjustdontgetit

I'm so proud of our friends Laura and Sarah...we had set up online trackers on them, and it was neat to "share" in the race with them!

The reason I am so proud to be part of the running community - documented by Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery


When this guy's body failed him, others came around and would not allow him to be defeated! As much as running is an individual sport - we all belong to a community that wants to see everyone succeed. #BostonStrong

After my dreadful ATB experience a few weeks ago, I has not enjoying running and I was dreading my decision to run the 1/2 marathon distance at the FCRR this up-coming weekend. I am happy to report that I have found my enjoyment in running again. I've had a few good runs the past 2 weeks, and over this past weekend I was able to get in a couple good runs. Before Easter dinner this past Friday - Mike and I were able to get out for a run together at the cottage


We did 12.27km together. My knee started to be a bugger at about 11km, but I just slowed the pace a bit, used Mike as my "short uncle" and kept repeating to myself


I was happy that we were able to get out - since it was raining pretty much all morning, and there was NO WAY that these blister prone feet were voluntarily going to run in the pouring rain.

Sunday brought probably the nicest weather we have had so far this year. After the kids collected all of their goodies from the Easter Bunny we headed off to church


We were heading over to my mom's for turkey leftovers for lunch - so I knew I wasn't going to be getting my run in until later in the day. By the time I was ready to go, my watch was almost dead...so I plugged it in to charge and went and watched the Tigers win the ball game with Mike. At around 6pm I hopped in the truck and headed to the park. Mike and Rhoda have been telling me how hilly the 1/2 marathon is this weekend, so I wanted to make sure I wasn't avoiding hills...so I headed out on the hilly part of the paths. I had decided to do 15km (7.5km out, then turn around and head back). My watch is still set up from the ATB at an 8:1 run:walk. So all I did was focus on "it's just 8 minutes...let's do this"
I had a great (for me) run. I felt strong at the end, I was able to push, and more then anything else - I enjoyed every moment of it! I even got to break in my new kicks


I am now feeling confident and ready for my 1/2 marathon this weekend, and the only thing I need to keep my fingers crossed for is that the weather will co-operate.
I keep telling myself that if Katie can run 100 MILES this weekend, I can do 13.1 without complaining. Good luck this weekend Katie...I'll be thinking and praying for you with every mile that I run!

Who else watched/listened to the marathon yesterday?

Any other stories out of the marathon from yesterday that you want to share?

Would you consider running an ultra distance?


  1. Awesome job on your weekend runs! Its mind over matter all the time! Thats what I keep telling myself :)

  2. Nice job Michelle!! The ebb and flow of running...I love those days though when everything just clicks!! I was watching the marathon at work and talking to myself and to the computer while I was watching. lol

  3. WooHoo - way to get out there and run - so happy that it was a good run for you!!
    I'm actually planning to do a 50mile race in just over 2 weeks - this time will be better than the last attempt!

  4. Heidi @ www.idlehide.comApril 22, 2014 at 8:23 PM

    I guess I am a runner then:) I'd pick watching a marathon anyday over basketball playoffs, and especially football ha:) The Boston Marathon is always a treat to watch!

  5. http://raz-family.ca/RunKristiApril 22, 2014 at 8:29 PM

    Best of luck in your race this weekend! And good for you for riding through the "lows" of running and getting back to enjoying yourself. That's what it is all about.
    I didn't watch the Boston Marathon, but instead did my long run at the same time. Every time I found myself getting tired I just thought about everyone running that race and that pushed me forward.

  6. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comApril 22, 2014 at 8:54 PM

    Lol I was secretly watching the marathon at work. LOVE that meme- I don't even know when the NBA playoffs are. That runner story is the best. The kiddos are too stinking cute with their Easter outfits! So glad you're feeling more confident about your half! You'll rock it!

  7. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonApril 23, 2014 at 6:09 PM

    Thank you Michelle! I know you'll do great at your half, I can't wait to hear about it! I LOVE that quote you posted. I wrote it down and will be repeating it to myself when it starts getting hard on Saturday. I will not quit. xoxo

  8. Yay for feeling good after a run. Everyone has a bad run/race at some point. Shake it off and move on. Sounds like you are back on track. Wish my husband was a runner! Looks like a beautiful Easter day with your family. Your kids are so cute!! Good luck on your half this weekend!!

  9. It us so nice to finally enjoying running again!

  10. Hehehe...although I was listening...I was not talking to myself about it...lol

  11. Your re-do! Can't wait to hear all about it

  12. Loved that e-card! This was the 1st year that I watched/listened to it...but it won't be the last.

  13. What a great way to spend your Monday morning #BostonStrong

  14. Doesn't it make you so proud to be part of the running community! We're great people

  15. You've also got a great reminder already on your arm! Just keep positive thoughts - and know that I'll be thinking about you

  16. Thanks Teresa! Mike and I don't get to run together very often, but it's certainly a nice treat when we get to