Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How We All Know Each Other

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy Hump Day. This is kind of a weird week for me as today is going to be my 1st day of going into the office this week. We got back home from Chicago late Monday night, and then yesterday in addition to playing chauffeur - I also got to hang out with my little man for the day.

So on Friday I told you that you could ask anything that you wanted and that I would here we go.

Our friend Kim had a question for us


Back in high school one of my Sunday School teachers worked at a place called Youth For Christ (YFC). On Thursday nights YFC had a drop in program for high school students called Campus Life. They had all kinds of free time activities that you could do, and then they had a "program" each week as well. Well...I started going every Thursday night, along with some other kids from my church. Mike's football coach, also happen to work for he use to bring the whole football team that he coached. So Campus Life is where Mike and I met. A year or two after we met Mike really connected with one of the volunteers at YFC who also went to the same church I Mike started attending our church. It was at that point that the 2 of us became good friends. All through High School I had a boyfriend so Mike and I were just friends (even though he told me and everyone else that he was going to marry me).

Ok now we introduce Rhoda. Rhoda is from a small town just outside our city...and when I was 17 or 18 she started attending our church. None of us "kids" at church really knew her, but on Good Friday there was a Baptist joint church service here in town, and then all us "kids" had reservations to go out for lunch together. I thought this would be a good opportunity for all of us to get to know Rhoda, and vise versa....well....needless to say her and I were forced to get to know each other that day 'cause her and I were the only 2 that showed up....and I guess the rest as they say is history. Rhoda and I hit it off that day, and have been friends ever since. As for Mike and I...well clearly he was right - as he did marry me, but what you may not all realize is that we just skipped the whole dating thing - and just got married. Probably not something that I would necessarily recommend - but hey it worked for us. Although Rhoda and I have been friends for like 17 years + it's really been over the last 6ish years that Mike and Rhoda have formed the kind of friendship that now have today.

We have been on many great adventures together - and speaking for myself I look forward to all the adventures that lie before us!


Professional Jello Shooter girls - we're well know for these around the campfire Smile
Summer of 2006ish


San Andres...I believe 2007


Getting our RER pose on Summer of 2013


Tower of Terror weekend 2013

How did you meet your significant other?

Anyone still have any childhood friends?


  1. Oh - I love it!!! Thanks for sharing how y'all meet - nice that really you all met at the same place (church!). I'm glad that even though it took some time, Mike & Rhoda are great friends now, too - makes it nice for all of y'all!!!
    I move around too much to have any childhood friends still - I do have a few from high school that we have stayed in touch and still see each other occasionally.
    Chris' best friend is from high school - they have been friends for at least 30 years now!!!

  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comApril 9, 2014 at 2:44 PM

    OMG LOVE this!!!! Your story is so cute! Seriously smiling ear to ear! Love how Mike just knew it :) I met my boyfriend (of >5 years) in high school. We ended up on the same econ team project, became friends, then became best friends in college, developed awkward crushes, and then started dating :)

  3. Skip the dating? Love it!! Married now for almost 29 years and we were high school sweethearts, but for some reason I HATE that saying!! Haaaaa

  4. Fun to hear how all 3 of you connected.

  5. Ahahaha, I remember the jello shooter fun clearly! What is up with my hair in that pic??!!! Good times!

  6. I loved reading this, and oh my word those throwbacks! Awesome pictures! It's so great seeing friendships like that, lasting ones! Happy you guys have each other!

  7. Such a great story!! Loving all the throwback pics too. I love my childhood and college friends!! Going to Puerto Rico with my best friend from college (in 2 weeks!!) and we are both super pumped!!

  8. ...and I tried to pick the "best" of the

  9. 30 years - that's awesome. For me it's all about quality, and not abount quantitiy

  10. Best friends = an easier me :)

  11. Awesome - I love that!...this year in June we celebrate 14 we are goona catch ya ;)

  12. Can't wait for campfire weather again, so we can make these again...maybe minus the shirts this

  13. Thanks Laura!...I think I was a day early with my throwback pics though :)

  14. Sooooo excited for you guys!!!! I am just itching to "travel" with you through all your pics!!!

  15. Sugar Coated SheridanApril 10, 2014 at 10:49 PM

    Oh I love the story!!! So wonderful to know how you all met :)

  16. Oh dear! you're always so funny Mike. Maybe we will make new shirts! I think I lost my jello shirt :(