Monday, April 14, 2014

Recap...of Life Lately

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

It's been a pretty busy week even after I returned home from Chicago earlier in the week, but Mike and I were finally able to get back out for our Friday "date" night....a swim at the pool, and then to Crabby Joe's - a martini for me and a Guiness for Mike. After being sick for the better part of the last month, I can't say as though I was "excited" for my swim that night. I had looked at the swim program before hopping in the pool, and had actually decided that I would do the 700m swim, as opposed to the 900m that was my "next" swim. I took the swim slow and steady, and actually enjoyed myself. When I completed my 700m I was still feeling good, and felt like I had enough gas in the tank to finish up the other 200m to get in my 900m

Looks like the next time I hop in the pool - I'm up to 1200m...boy oh boy...we'll see how that goes...

Saturday I had to work all day and then we had planned to meet Rhoda and her sister Miriam, at our go-to pre-race night carb loading restaurant = fail...we couldn't get in, and had to go to an alternate place. Earlier in the day Mike and the kids had gone to pick-up all of our race packs...and the women's sweaters/shirts that we were suppose to receive had not arrived, because they are being held in customs out in Vancouver = fail...but the replacements ones that they gave us, are actually REALLY nice, they are Roots active wear (K is sporting it in the pic below)

Sunday morning was race day...I'll do my re-cap on Thursday this week. As soon as the race was done we rushed home to get changed and pick up my mom and Jackson to head out for the little mans bday to the waterpark. We checked into the Crowne Plaza right down at the you think they're a little excited?!?

We enjoyed a fun-filled time at the waterpark until about 7pm and then we headed back to our room to get changed and head to Margarittaville for dinner. And that turned out to be another = fail. The restaurant was empty....80% if the tables were not being used, but yet we were told that it was a 1/2 hour wait...cause they only had 1 server...who was running around totally frazzled, we overheard the manager telling "lies" to new customers when they came in, and she genuinely, just didn't seem to care that the restaurant was in such disarray, so ultimately we decided to leave, and head somewhere else

We were all a little disappointed, but we ended up at a great new-to-us restaurant, and our meals were awesome and cheaper then what we would have paid at Margarittaville, so I guess it wasn't a total fail, it turned into a positive.Well we are off to McD's for breakfast, and then heading back to the waterpark for the day...fingers crossed on the way out of town today we'll have time to stop at the Lululemon outlet!

(Our "tickets" into the park)

Happy Monday ya'll!


What did you do this weekend?

How's your weather?


  1. Heidi @ www.idlehide.comApril 14, 2014 at 10:33 AM

    That looks like a sweet water park. I love how K ran in the race, I hope Tate is a runner, too:) You guys are such a cute fam!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I can't wait to read your race recap! I hope you had a good race!!

  3. Have a super time at the water park today - what a fun birthday present!!!
    Bummer about Margaritaville - so sad that customer service is almost nonexistent these days.
    Hope you get to stop at Lululemon!!

  4. Thanks far the kids are both enjoying running...and we certainly do not make them participate, so it's nice that they choose to do it!

  5. It was a lot of fun!...and a much needed un-interupted time with just the 4 of us

  6. With customer service I try and be pretty open minded, 'cause I get that un-planned things happen in life...but...that doesn't mean you show it to your customers...

  7. They will have a BLAST...our kids love going!!!