Friday, March 7, 2014

If the Bike Fits…

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It's an exciting day here in cold and snowy Canada for me folks…I'm going to get a little taste of Spring as I'm going bike shopping!

This afternoon I'll be heading to the local triathlon shop to have a proper bike fitting done and then decide on which bike I'm going to get…there are so many beautiful bikes there I know I can't go wrong!


Everything I have read about getting the best bike possible starts with having a good bike fit done.  Jeff, the owner of Multisport Zone, is a FIST certified bike fitter and will surely take care of me.  The FIST process is designed for triathletes…it ensures you are riding in a good aero position and that you select the proper bike for your body and riding position.  You achieve this by sitting on a bike simulator, which sort of looks like a spin bike but you can move every piece of it in all kinds of directions to ensure the fit.  Under the trained eye of the fitter, your position gets tweaked until it is optimal and then your results are entered into the computer which will give you a list of suitable bikes.

There are some good deals in the shop and I'm hoping to score one of them…here are a few of the bikes I'm looking at, the Cervelo P2, Felt B14 and Argon 18 E-112.

photo 9
photo 6

Tough choice!

It has been a pretty productive training week so far…since Tuesday's post I have managed to get in a decent swim and run and then last night while Michelle was out, Kennedy and I watched Ghostbusters on Netflix.  I jumped on the bike trainer and got in a nice 55km session.

photo 5

Longest session I've done in a while and it sure felt good!  I never really felt like I was pushing too hard and I maintained a 32km/h pace (20mph) for over 100 minutes.

Speaking of Kennedy, I think I may need to make her my swim coach!  Take a look at this kid during her swimming lessons last night; she is doing great!  Not to brag, but I think she is the strongest swimmer in her class, and she is in a level 7/8/9 class (and she's only level 7)

We have talked about getting her onto a swim team and I think it really is at the point where we need to do something about it.  There are also some kid's triathlons in the area that she wants to enter, so maybe we have a budding triathlete on our hands :)

Have any of you ever had a bike fitting done?

Are your kids in any competitive sports?


  1. Yay for new bike! I have my eye on a new felt but I really don't think that will be happening this year. I know I can complete musselman on my road bike because I did it last year. Just going to make some modifications (i.E. aero bars etc.) to make me more efficient on it.

    Love how active you, Michelle and the kiddos are... like seriously awesome!

  2. A new bike is excited. I have a Specialized road bike that I used for my triathlons and I loved it. My first tri I used a road bike and my time improved so much on the road bike.

  3. I added aerobars and clipless pedals last year and it made a big difference...I took over 10 minutes off of my 40K Olympic distance bike.
    I can't wait to race with you at Musselman, it's going to be so fun!

  4. My brother-in-law pick up a Specialized road bike last year and he really likes it too. Do you do many races?

  5. Ya she's doing great, very proud of her!

  6. I did about 7 but then I had an accident so I haven't been racing but I want to get back into either running or triathlons again. It keeps me focused in my training when there is a race to look forward to in the distance.

  7. I hear ya Kerry...nothing like having a race coming up to get your butt in gear. Hope you can get back at it!