Friday, March 28, 2014

Bring on the Melt!

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Spring may almost be ready to wake from her slumber in these parts as it has warmed up this morning and we'll get up to a balmy 9°C (48°F)…there is rain mind you, but that's part of spring I suppose.  We'll take it!

The forecast looks alright for our Sunday race, 7°C (45°F) and mainly sunny…excellent running conditions.  Hopefully we won't have too much wind coming in off the lake.  The course is 30K (about 19 miles), which is quite an odd distance…the first 20K is described as fast and scenic, but the last 10K "includes rolling hills".  Apparently the race director's idea of "rolling" is this reporter's idea of "brutal".

Well, at least the weather should be better than that!  I also just found out that one of my brother's friend's is running the race as well…Boyd is a Leukemia survivor and is running for awareness of the OneMatch Bone Marrow Registry.  There's a story and a short clip on the CHCH News site here, take a look.  Good luck Boyd!

I've been taking care of the foot and it feels really good…I'm ready to run but not going to do anything until race day.  Just keep icing and playing foot tennis.


I've had a couple rides on the trainer this week, one while Michelle and Kennedy were watching TV and I really busted some ass and the other where I decided to play some Disney Infinity with Jackson and I kinda forgot I was on the bike and was barely pedaling at some points.  We'll call that a recovery ride Smile


If you remember back to a couple weekends ago I did the MEC Race and got dressed up for St Patrick's Day.  Well one of the ladies here at work came to me and said she saw me in the newspaper running in a striped shirt…I had no idea.  I went online and found the article, can you spot me?


I'll be back in the pool again today giving 1600m a try…that's a whole mile!  Hopefully all the flooding around here holds off and I won't have to swim my way back to work afterwards (rain + snow melt = high river in London).

Tue swim 1200m
Wed bike 23.4K
Thu bike 16.4K

Have you ever been in the newspaper before?  What for?
I was another time too, as a tuxedo model in a bridal special of all things

Any exciting plans for the weekend?  Who's racing?


  1. Nicole @ Pink Elephanton ParadMarch 28, 2014 at 9:07 AM

    I can't wait for spring to show up. Next week it's supposed to be 65

  2. Oh 65 sounds great! I'm happy with 45...

  3. I am not racing this weekend! haha for once. Next weekend though! So cool that you were in the paper!!

  4. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMarch 28, 2014 at 10:51 AM

    Lol OMG you're quite famous over there ;) I was in the newspaper when I was in elementary school with my friend. We were upside-down on the monkey bars. I don't even remember what the article was about- I think something about the after school program I was in?? Good luck with the race!! Sending you good foot vibes!

  5. You have had quite the busy race schedule this year! Enjoy your weekend off Chelsea

  6. Haha yes Amy, I'm the big fish up here. I hope you had upside down pig-tails in your monkey bar picture, Pippy Longstocking-style. Thanks for the vibes, I think they`re working :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this! For those running, we will be meeting at 8:30 by where the buses pull in to do a huge group photo in front of a OneMatch banner.

  8. Just look for a big one match banner or text me at (519) 614-1636. Thanks!

  9. Yikes - hope you don't end up with any flooding!!!
    Way back in my high school track career I was featured in the paper a couple of times. Fun that you made the paper in your striped shirt.

  10. No racing this weekend just a long run. I will be shopping though:) Shopping for spring clothes! If spring ever gets here!!!!!

  11. No problem Boyd...I'll keep my eyes peeled for the banner!

  12. It's just the parks (where the running paths are) that get flooded out, and some basements of people who live in the floodplain...nothing too bad, really.
    I knew you would have been featured for your track running, you were (and still are!) an amazing runner!

  13. It's coming Teresa, honestly! Good luck finding the perfect outfits to welcome the warmer weather