Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Bought a $250 Bathing Suit

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

When we were away on holidays a few weeks ago, Mike and I got talking about training and finding the time to fit it all in, while also having a spouse and children, and their activities to work around. Last year our families time commitment was Mike's training for his marathon, and this year it is for his 1/2 Ironman in July. We spoke about how fortunate he is that he can get a lot of his training in during the day. He works downtown - which means under a 10min walk to the pool to get his swims in, and with being downtown he's got like a 1min run to the paths for running through the parks....and to top it all off - the best part - he has showers at work, so that he doesn't stink everyone out when he's done. For the most part, other then on the weekends, he doesn't need to make a choice between getting his training sessions in or choosing family time. I on the other hand do not have that luxury. I only technically get 1/2 hour lunch break - so not really enough time to do anything but eat my lunch. In the mornings I'm with Jackson...which leaves the evenings...and means that it would be time away from the family. Soooo we decided that Monday nights would be our family gym night at the YMCA. We can all go together - there's a class for Jackson, and Kennedy can either go for a run on the track or take a swim test so that she can swim without Mike or I. Which gives Mike and I the opportunity to work out together (file that under #greatlifedecisions)


(from the March 2014 fitness magazine)

For Christmas this year one of things that Rhoda bought me was a Speedo one piece bathing suit - she had know that I was looking for one, but had not found anything that I liked enough to want to spend $ when I opened that present - I was pretty stoked...and then I was floored when she told me a few weeks ago that she purchased it at Costco for $19....what?!?!? I gave up my membership to Costco last year - so I don't go too often these days, but after hearing that and knowing that I plan on swimming more frequently I decided I might as well pick up another to have, so yesterday afternoon I headed to Costco with my mom... and I was in luck - I was able to find one left in my size

clip_image002 it didn't actually cost me $ was still $19....but you can't just go to Costco and buy that one thing on your list (well maybe you can, and I just have no self-control?!?)

Wednesday nights the kids have club at church - so it's the night that Mike and I always go on a SB date, and while there I always like to check out their cups (I'm kinda a cup hoarder)...and I found this glass one to add to my collection


...and then to kill a few more minutes before we had to pick up the kiddos, we decided to head into the New Balance store, and I was able to snag these Heidi Klum sweats for 50% off....shweet!


Yesterday's training


Anyone know of anywhere else to score Speedo's at a great deal?

Anyone else have time to work out during their lunch?

Tell me something that you're happy about today


  1. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMarch 6, 2014 at 10:41 AM

    OMG you scared me when I read $250 on a bathing suit! I was like, do you need me to ship you one from the states, cause that's outrageous lol! And yes, when I see those folks at Costco putting 1 item on the conveyor belt, I'm like, teach me your ways! LOVE how supportive you 2 are of your training. GREAT idea to make it family fun time while exercising!

  2. I love that you are making family exercise time a thing, so good for all of you. I am not able to work out on my lunches (normally, but sometimes I can) which leaves me with early mornings and evenings. Seeing as I don't have kids yet it's easier but some days I feel like I still have so much to do. I'm hoping I can convince my bosses to start letting me take longer lunches 2 times a week once it gets nicer out so I can knock off some workouts then and have some more free time in the evening to do things at home or go visit friends/family.

  3. Wow - that's awesome on the Speedo!!
    I can't even think of the last time I wore a one-piece - sad that sometimes I wonder if I'm too old to keep wearing a bikini but.....
    I love that y'all work out together - very cool. You probably already know that I work out at 5:00am so it doesn't really cut into family time I guess.

  4. We don't have a Costco but I have the same problem with going into Target. I mean to get one cheap thing, I walk out $100 later.

  5. Wow, $19 for a swimsuit is pretty amazing!! I swear, you can't even get cheapo two pieces at Kohl's for that kind of price!

  6. I've gotten all my suits at Costco too!

  7. Hehe...sorry about that :)
    For the most part it is really crazy how much more things cost here in Canada then they do in the USA - so I do most of my shopping accross the boarder

  8. That would be shweet if they let you do that! you have showers and a change room at work?

  9. Going to the pool doing laps is the only time (outside of doing a triathlon), that you'll ever catch me in a one peice. You work hard for that body of yours Kim - so no need to be covering it up

  10. ...yes that's another store that quite often "steals" my $....

  11. I know eh...I couldn't believe it when she told me either...cause all of the Speedo's at sports stores were around $95

  12. Will definately be a place that I check for one pieces from now on

  13. $19 for a swimsuit is such a great price! I don't go to Costco because I really don't have a need to buy family large sized anything - whatever it is will go bad haha. Even my bananas go bad during the week if I buy more than 4 or 5 at a time! I love that you guys are doing the triathlon thing now...I have friends that are so into it and seem to be addicted to it! It seems to be a pricey habit though ;-) Good luck with your training!