Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cross-Train to Beat the Pain

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Despite not running at all since I had pain in my foot last Tuesday, I still have managed to get in some great training this past week.  Thankfully there were no ill effects to my peroneal tendonitis while biking or swimming, so I've taken this opportunity to get a lot of swimming and biking in…though I'd rather the weather was nice enough to allow me to actually go outside and ride my bike instead of being locked on the trainer.  We've been well below freezing this past week and even woke up to snow this morning.  Have I complained about this winter much?


My poor bike just wants to put some rubber on the road instead of just sitting in front of the TV spinning her wheels…well, wheel.  Soon enough, I hope.

The swimming is going well and my confidence in the pool is growing.  I am now up to 1500m sessions, just under a mile and only a quarter mile off the swim required for a Half Ironman race.  I finish up feeling strong and knowing I could keep going, and my times are slowing improving as well.


The Swim-a-Mile app I've been using has been great for me as a beginner swimmer…there are plenty of programs and plans available out there, but most of them make no sense to me at all.  They are laced with swim jargon and can be quite intimidating for a newbie.  The Swim-a-Mile app is as basic as it gets…swim this distance this many times and rest this long in between.  So easy to understand, and helps you build not only a good base, but the confidence and desire to do more.

As far as my foot goes, I've relied on the advice I found on the Athletes treating Athletes site.  I've been resting, icing, stretching, using a tennis ball (everyone rolls a tennis ball with their foot under their desk at work right?  Totally normal), anti-inflamitories, I've taped once (it didn't hold) and I should be foam rolling but still haven't.  The foot is feeling much better and is nearly pain free.  Every now and then I feel it when I'm walking, so I'm still not going to chance a run.  At the most I may try a short 5K on Friday to see how it feels going into the Around the Bay 30K race on Sunday.  I just want to get through the run without hurting anything…no time goals this time.


So another week off of running means another week of swimming and biking…I'll be off to the Y at lunch to get a swim in and then the challenge will be to get back to the office without freezing my butt off.  Apparently wet hair has the ability to freeze in this lovely Spring weather even if you have your winter hat on…



Mon swim 1200m
Tue run 10.5K
Wed swim 1200m
Thu swim 1200m
Fri bike trainer 26.5K
Sat bike trainer 24K
Sun swim 1500m

So I swam 5100m, biked 50K and ran 10K…not too bad for a week that I went into with an injury.  Yay for cross-training!  Hopefully it helps keep fit while not running so that I'll come back strong when the foot's ready.

How do you train through an injury?

Do you ice, stretch, etc. at the office?


  1. Love the underwater shot! HOpe your foot feels better!

  2. Thanks Katy...it`s pretty neat filming underwater stuff, quite a different view of things!

  3. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMarch 25, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    Aww sorry the foot is still being a punk! At least there's improvement though. Damnnn, your swimming is so impressive! How do I train through an injury- I whine a lot. I kid (sort of). I pretty much do what you're doing- avoid the problem area, cross train, rest, and ice. Haha I have iced and stretched in the office. I tried to pick times when no one was around ;)

  4. Wow - still got in a great week of training! Glad that the bike doesn't hurt your foot!
    Hopefully by Sunday are you good to go for the race!

  5. The foot seems to be getting there, I could probably give a run a go but not worth chancing it at this point.
    I don`t care who sees me doing my thing in the office!

  6. Thanks Kim, that was good news for sure.

  7. Sounds like you are still getting some good workouts in! Sorry to hear about the foot and no running but you are doing the right thing by resting it.

  8. It`s actually feeling a lot better now Chelsea, so that`s a good sign...I`ll keep resting it until the race though.

  9. man, i admire your grit mike! way to keep the cardio up and making sure that your body is still being pushed to adapt to new levels of fitness. really rooting for you to have an enjoyable (and perhaps surprisingly strong) ATB race!

  10. You had a strong week of workouts for sure! I bet you'll be amazed at how it likely has even helped your running. I so need to get out there and learn how to swim. I grew up with a big pool, but it was used for perfecting cannon balls, ya know?
    PS. It's our turn to get walloped with snow today. Did you see what we're getting on the East Coast?!

  11. Thanks Patrick...I`m going into AtB with no expectations and just want to have fun and stay healthy. Thanks for the confidence in me though :)

  12. Holy cow, I did see what`s heading your way! 40-50cm...gross. I saw that and thought of you actually...poor Heidi!
    Swimming has been great...I was never a swimmer but it sure is a good workout and quite enjoyable as well.
    Good luck getting a NYC Marathon email today, fingers crossed!

  13. Heidi @ www.idlehide.comMarch 26, 2014 at 1:25 PM

    I totally commented here and it's not showing up:/

  14. weird...I see your comment up there, I even replied to it. Disqus must be acting up...

  15. I've been training through injury for about 6 weeks now. Obviously have to get creative sometimes. Glad you are getting some awesome biking and swimming in, that really will pay off!! I had never seen the athletes treating athletes site- thanks for sharing. Hope the foot improves!!