Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Everything is Awesome

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Good morning ya'll! Friday night Mike and I decided to go on a hot date...to the pool, to swim lengths. It was actually a really nice relaxed night, plenty of lanes to swim in and get the job done...and I guess Friday night at 9pm - the pool is not where all the kool kids are at. Swim followed up with a martini on the way home made for a pretty great date.


Last night my MIL took the kids to the movies to see the Lego movie. While they were there - that meant Mike and I had time to do whatever we wanted...so we headed back to the pool. Let me just start off by saying that not really putting two and two together before we went was sucky...I mean come on...we have 2 kids of our own - you think you would have thought about the fact that it was


It was beyond crazy busy there. The swimming was slow as they only had 2 lanes open...and at one point I think I counted 6 people "sharing" a lane. Let's just say that some people are better at sharing then others - so at some points it made for a pretty frustrating time. Last night I started week 2 on my swim program


Pretty much the same as the week before, except they throw in and extra 200m...right at the start.

Seriously when did we become such losers that when given the opportunity to spend time together - we head to the gym...lol.


So it's no secret that I love...love....love reality TV. I don't have a lot of time to watch it, but I do make sure to record my shows on the PVR, so that when I do have a min...I can play catch-up.

These are some of my current watches:

1. Are You the One?


...and he wonders why he's still single...I don't get it...clearly he's a catch ;)

2. Vanderpump Rules

photo 1

Yeah not so much

3. Housewives of Atlanta

photo 2

...you mean you've gone crazy...that's where you've gone.

4. Teen Mom

photo 3

Don't we all

5. Housewives of Beverly Hills

photo 4

I know...this stuff's all trash...but I just can't help myself...it's kinda like watching Jerry Springer

Anyhoo...giveaway on the blog coming up on Friday...so stayed tuned...until then enjoy your week friends!

Anyone else willing to admit their live of reality tv?

Any plans for March/Spring break?


  1. Christine@ Apple of My EyeMarch 11, 2014 at 10:29 AM

    Glad you guys were able to get in a hot date haha ;)! I love working out with my main man. Good bonding time and you get in some exercise haha!

  2. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMarch 11, 2014 at 12:16 PM

    Lol so cute that your date night involves working out! Not judging, I've done it before ;) I'm addicted to reality TV too...it's just so freaking entertaining! LOVE RHOBH!

  3. Love that your dates include working out and then a martini, seriously awesome. Bummer about the packed pool though, that is always frustrating.

    I'm not a big Reality TV person (I like my Biggest loser, maybe bachelor-not this season). But I certainly get wrapped up in some of the other shows I do like to watch (Scandal, Grey's, Revenge etc.)

  4. I don't usually watch reality tv live but I tend to get sucked in on the marathons over the weekend. So addicting!

  5. I like Housewives of New York!!! Actually I like a lot of reality TV! Sad that the Bachelor is over - perfect mindless TV for treadmill runs.

  6. Yes to reality tv!! Girl you are right up my alley with all of those shows esp my housewives! Guilty pleasures for sure!

  7. Amanda - TooTallFritzMarch 12, 2014 at 10:44 AM

    #EverythingIsAwesome LOL! Last night Aby and I were being chased by a pit bull while out running our new rescue dog (who is SUPER skiddish) and we had to tromp thru the fields and follow the stream for about a mile to get back to the house. The stream had flooded and was overflown. It was frozen in some spots and just high water in others. That was the longest mile of "fun" I've ever had. At one point we hit some pretty deep snow. Like up to our knees. Of course we were in our running shoes and capri pants and by that point our legs were super scratched up from the weeds, red and frozen. The dog got stuck in the deep snow and was leaping like a deer to get thru. I just stopped and started laughing and said, "wow, this is awesome". And Aby responded by starting to sing the song "everything is awesome". LOL! It was hysterical at the time and we just kept singing. Yeah, we need to get a life too!
    And for the record, I LOVE the trashy "reality" tv, just don't have time to watch and don't have a dvr. Boooo!

  8. Thanks Christine...as much as I poke fun at us - it is nice to have the opportunity to exercise together

  9. My on my how things are shifting on RHOBH this year...I really can't get rnough of this trash...lol

  10. The one that Mike and I are loving right now on Netflix is Burn Notice

  11. And perfect "fluff" for the weekends :)

  12. Mike's fav is Housewives of New Jersey or as he calls it "Those Bitches be Crazy"

  13. Yes...and I even get an extra housewives of Vancouver that they only play here in Canada

  14. I had read that on your post...that would have freaked me out!!! Glad you guys were able to laugh about it!
    What no DVR...how do you survive?!?!?...especially those TM runs?

  15. Amy @ fitnessmeetsfrosting.comMarch 13, 2014 at 1:28 PM

    Lol same! It's hilarious how quickly they change sides/friendships!

  16. My fiance and I watched all of the seasons of that this fall... no shame.