Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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Good morning Friends! Happy hump day! Long time no talk! I have been a little MIA (Missing In Action-for those who don’t know) lately as things have been super cray cray in my life, especially at work. I have missed you guys and am glad to be back!

So what have I been up to? A lot of driving back and forth on the highway and some country roads to one of the other sites I work at and a lot of late nights working.


I know, really exiting eh? Sorry, it was the best I could do!

Some treats may have made their way into my car rides from time to time…


Quick pick me up!

I was able to get some quality time in with my fellow CR’s on the weekend and celebrate with Michelle for her birthday!


Drinks were compliments of bartender CRMike and the Frozen concoction maker! Yum!

Now for the exciting stuff going on outside of work… I am moving, so that packing has begun!

Not sure where I am moving to yet so it should be an eventful couple weeks as I look around :)


With all that has been going on, I am uber sad that I have not been able to get as much running in as I normally do and it is really bothering me…. I can’t believe how much I miss it! Also, I am starting to panic a little, I have a ½ marathon coming up in September and my 1st full marathon in November that I need to and should be training for…. Hopefully soon, I can get back on track for those races.


Who loves moving??

Not me

Any tips or advice for me on packing??


  1. jessica @ Sweat Is My SanityAugust 14, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Wow! You have a ton going on....I'd be a nutcase. :) good luck with your house hunt. I do like moving, trying new things, but it's a royal pain. Hope you get some time to train. I found you over at Fit in Woodbine. :)

  2. Definitely have a lot going on! Moving is the bane of my existence- best advice, PURGE. Get rid of whatever you can, if you don't need it, donate it. If you don't wear it, donate it. If it's broken, toss it. You'll have less to pack and less to move. That and I recommend staying organized...pack boxes according to importance. Everything that goes in one room in one box, and everything you know you will need right away in another. The worst thing is not knowing where something is when you need it. A sharpie is my best friend while moving...mark up the boxes!

  3. My family and I will be moving next month as well! rather a last minute thing. We're renting though, so at least we aren't stuck.
    Good luck getting back into your running groove!

  4. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessAugust 14, 2013 at 12:52 PM

    ah moving is rough! i know this because i've moved a lot over the last few years. my main piece of advice is make organization your top priority. it makes things easier and a little more manageable in my opinion.

  5. Coolio! Thanks Jessica and thanks for checking us out!

  6. Thanks Laura! That is all great advice!

  7. You have been busy!! I love to move and actually enjoy the packing process! My #1 tip - don't use your packing time to organize and/or declutter - just pack it all.
    Good luck finding a place to move to.

  8. Ah moving last minute is even worse! Thanks. I hope I can get my groove back soon also!! Good luck with your move also !

  9. I'm getting ready to move here in the next few weeks. We are military so it's just become something we do every 3-4 years (move #8 in 21 years). I actually don't mind it and enjoy seeing the world. I'm heading to CT for a few months to hang with family and then we go cross country to settle (again) in Washington. At least with being military, the hard part is done for you by movers. Just not looking forward to that long drive with a 4 year old in tow. Good luck on your move!

  10. You are so right! Thanks!

  11. Lol, thanks Kim!

  12. Thanks Lisa! I can't believe you have moved that many times

  13. Sharpie and lots of tape! Packing and unpacking definitely are not my favourite lol

  14. Good luck with your move. My best advise is to score free boxes at Starbucks and naturally a coffee while you're there. ;)