Monday, August 26, 2013

Cue the (IT) Band

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Last week was just one of those busy weeks where it is a challenge just getting one run in, let alone a few good runs.  I started out okay on Monday with an 8K/5 mile run at lunchtime, which also happened to be the shortest run I have done in months.  I hadn't run anything under 10K since a 5K run I did the beginning of May.  And that was my last run.  So weird…I missed my run on Tuesday as I was working from home and had to take Jackson to the doctor after work, then I had a meeting scheduled through my lunch hour on Wednesday when I normally run.  Thursday I had ball and we were playing a doubleheader, so didn't want to run that day since we would be on the diamond for over 4 hours.

Awesome Red Sky

Then during ball I was reminded that I a m getting old…I hurt myself literally doing nothing.  I was playing second base and tracked a lazy pop up out to shallow center field, then stopped when the center fielder called me off.  As soon as I stopped I felt a twinge in my right knee…a certain pain I had felt before, my IT Band.  I honestly was doing as close to nothing as possible…I was jogging at the most.  I ended up taking it easy the rest of the game, I still played but made sure not to push anything too much.

When I woke up the next morning my knee was killing me.  I had planned all week to get back on track with my running on Friday and get some really good runs, including a long run, on the weekend up at the cottage.  I obviously called off the Friday lunch run, leaving my gear at home so that there was no temptation.  With only a month and a half until Chicago, I needed to rest this injury.  I even made the decision during the day to leave my running gear at home all weekend to avoid running while up at the cottage.  I've been through IT Band issues before and I know the only way to get over it is rest.  So with sadness I left my shoes alone at home.  It would be a weekend of rest and stretching for me.

We got up to the cottage on Friday night and it was just Michelle, Jackson and I…Kennedy was watching her friend's play and would be up later, Rhoda was working all weekend and my parent's were out at a charity fundraiser.  So the three of us went for a nice walk on the beach and caught the sunset.  I honestly put our sunsets at the cottage up there amongst the best I have ever seen!


After our walk we headed back to the cottage for dinner and then settled in for a campfire and all of the stragglers made their way to our place.  it was a nice night, but somehow I managed to tweak my other IT Band just sitting there!  I was now hobbling something terrible and a running recovery was looking unlikely for a while.  I don't know if I was overcompensating or what, but I honestly hurt myself sitting by a campfire drinking a beer.  I really am getting old.

The good news is that I stuck to rest and stretching the remainder of the weekend and by Sunday i felt like I could have gone for a run had I brought my gear with me (luckily I didn't) and I will be going out at lunch today to test out the legs.  I'm thinking I will keep it short and easy as i really am worried about injury now.  It is the one thing that slows us runners down and fills your head with all kinds of doubt and fear.

I had mentioned how busy I was last week, and one thing I learned was how to clean a dog that has been sprayed by a skunk :(

We had taken the kids for a walk to the park to let them play there for a bit and left the dog out in the backyard while were out.  When we got back it was around dusk and there was the distinctive smell of skunk in the air…right away I was worried.  I went to the back door to check on her, and she was just lying calmly on the back porch.  I opened the door and took a whiff, and sure enough she had been sprayed.  It must not have been a direct hit since she wasn't too bothered, but she sure did smell.  Skunk spray doesn't really smell like the skunk smell you catch while driving around…it smells a lot like burnt rubber when it happens.  So off to the store I went to get the hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap that all of the internet home remedies call for.  I can report that it really did work well…there's still some lingering smell but my pooch smells…okay.

Back Porch Bath Session

She didn't really care for the bath on the back porch but it did the trick.  By the weekend she was back doing what she loves to do up at the cottage…lazing around :)


Anyone have their dog sprayed by a skunk?  How long does that smell stick around?


Who's dealing with injuries right now?


  1. Ugh - huge bummer on the injury - hopefully it isn't major and your lunchtime run today will go well!!!
    I love the beach pictures and that picture of the red sky is gorgeous!!

  2. Take care of that it band! They are tricky. Gorgeous sunset!! Have a great week!

  3. Sorry about the IT band, I struggled with mine a few years ago. Lots of stretching, foam rolling, icing, and ART....

    I'm dealing with an issue right now (I refuse to call it an injury at this point)...ankle is giving me problems, I'm hoping it's nothing serious. Playing it by year at this point.

    On a side note, that sunset on the beach is amazing!

  4. You're dealing with the IT band injury really well mentally! I would have made about 15 posts detailing my journey into Dante's Running Injury Inferno. I hope you bounce back quick!

  5. Thanks Kim...the run went really well at lunch, no pain :)
    The red sky was Thursday night and true to the old saying, Friday was BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Ya those IT bands are such a pain...the joys of being a runner. It just kills me that I tweaked it after NOT running for 3 days!!

  7. You can't beat a great sunset.
    I like the way you think...I'll deal with "issues" now too instead of injuries. Hopefully that "issue" of yours turns out to be nothing.

  8. Yes, I read your blog the other week hahaha
    I've been through this before and know how to get better, and for me it is basically rest and then easy running when I get back at it. Today's run went well and I'll take tomorrow as a rest day too, just to be safe. Then see how things go Wednesday and I'll know then if I'm in the clear.

  9. Ahh mannn for little pup! My guy hasnt been sprayed but we saw one nearby not too long ago! Take care of that IT band. Do you foam roll at all? Its done wonders for my husbands IT!

  10. Sugar Coated SheridanAugust 26, 2013 at 4:30 PM

    Both pictures of the skies are just stunning!! I LOVE sunset :)

  11. I don't roll enough, certainly something I need to do more often.

    Beware of those skunks!

  12. Thanks Beth, I love a good sunset too. Do you have favourite place for sunsets? Key West is outstanding too!

  13. Oh man what a bummer about your IT Bands. Happy to hear you're doing all of the right things, I'm sure you'll be back to properly torturing yourself in no time.
    What's your pups name?

  14. Thanks Jacqueline...I'm feeling good (enough) now, I'll get back at this week for sure!
    My pooch's name is Columbo.