Thursday, August 22, 2013


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Good morning ya’ll!! How is everyone this morning? Again, it has been awhile since I have blogged so I have lots of catching up to do.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have Friday off and made it a 3-day weekend! Love those kind!!! Even better when I get to spend the day with my bestie and her kiddies!

We took a day trip over the border to Port Huron. Started off with lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then did a little shopping.


I decided on something healthy and light… Boneless chicken wings with Asian Zing sauce and Salt and Vinegar Fries! That was a good choice eh?


Saturday I went to visit a friend in Hamilton. We went for lunch at a really nice Pier Restaurant/Bar down at the water, and did a little shopping after. Hmmm, is there a trend to what I like to do…. Eat, shop, repeat?


It was really nice and relaxing there, watching the boats and the sailboats go in and out of the bay.


After we did some shopping, we went down to the beach and walked along the path there, found an ice cream shop and since it had been awhile since we had any food, got a little treat.


Sunday, I was back home and it was time to work on the packing situation for moving day, which is quickly approaching! Only 1 more week!!!

It is amazing the things you come across while packing…


Can you believe I found all of these Lululemon bags???? There were even more that I found after this pic!

On another note….. I mentioned last week that my running schedule has been suffering over the past couple of months with all that is going on. I usually run 5-6 times a week and lately it has been 2-3 times… So anyways, it is STILL suffering but I was able to get out for a good 10 km (6.25 m) run on Monday night and Tuesday morning.


AND…. CRMichelle, sister M and myself also got out to the GoodLife club to try out the new Jillian Michaels class.


Mirror selfie in the change room at the gym! I loved the class!

Alright, hope everyone has a fabulous day!


How many times to do you run per week?

What is the most interesting thing you have come across while packing to move?


  1. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessAugust 22, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    I love your running outfit! those yellow shorts are SO cute! those wings look delicious! lets see the most interesting thing ive come across while packing is always clothes that i forgot i have, feels like im getting new stuff :)

  2. I love that too! It's almost like getting your winter jacket out for the winter and discovering money in the pocket!!

  3. I love a day of eating, shopping and repeat with girlfriends! Good luck with packing and moving! We were doing the same thing less than two months ago and it was not fun!

  4. It doesn't get any better right?! And thank you

  5. Looks like some great girl time to me! I get that next weekend when I go to Virginia beach for 5 days with my 2 good friends!

    I run 3-6 times a week depending on the week and what my schedule looks like. I'd say most of the time I run 5, but I cross train on the other days typically.

  6. A rare happy charlie brown poster! Good find!
    I've been running 6x a week for training, but otherwise I like to do 5 a week.

    Right now with packing, finding random toys my kiddo has hidden away over time.

  7. Oh lucky girl! Have fun and enjoy the girl time!

  8. I envy people who get to run that much right now! Good for you for keeping that up with the moving and stuff!