Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Else? A Post About Running, Food & Drinks

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hi all…thanks to everyone that sent their well-wishes on a running recovery!  I am pleased to report that I have been able to get out for a couple of runs this week, and since I was actually smart enough to trim the distance and dial back the pace a bit both runs were pain free…no IT Band "issues"!


I managed a run at lunch on Monday and again at lunch yesterday.  Yesterday's run was a scorcher with the humidity at 95°F and it kicked me in the butt halfway through…this weather we have had all summer has been completely out of whack!  Either blazing hot/humid or sweatshirt cool…Mother Nature is one bipolar bitch!

I took Tuesday off running as it fit in as a nice recovery day between my post-injury runs and we also had a golf tournament for my work.  It's always fun to hang out at the golf course with friends, especially in a best-ball where your bad shots (and I had a lot of them) don't count.  We had a nice meal afterwards and then I went home for a couple hours before heading out for baseball…made for a looong day, but the legs felt great.

Last night Michelle and I took out my Brother in Law and my Sister for his birthday…we went to an all-you-can-eat Sushi restaurant that Michelle had been to before and raved about and it was excellent!  Lots of food to choose from and plenty of options even if you weren't a sushi lover.

image (7)

Everything was so good!  My Mum even took our kids overnight, so on the way home we decided to call on our other CheapRunner to see if she wanted to join us on Jack Astor's rooftop patio for a nightcap.

image (10)
image (11)

All in all it was a fun night spent with friends and family…what more could you ask for?

Only a couple days until the Labour Day Weekend where we will once again be up at the cottage and hosting our annual Lobsterfest…I'm sure there will be a review on that next week!  Let the Long Weekend Countdown begin!!

Sushi rolls or Sashimi?
White Tuna Sashimi for me!

Any special plans for the Labour Day Weekend?


  1. I had some sushi this week! It's excellent runner fuel!!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Bring guy selfies back one post at a time!

    I'm surprised they let runners into all you can eats still.

    I have yet to really enjoy sushi, I get bored eating it.

    No special plans yet, trying to find a kid friendly gathering, rather than a normal adult one where I'll spend the entire time having to entertain the tot

  3. Hooray for some pain-free runs!!!
    I only like California sushi - not sure that I've ever tried real sushi, though.
    Your lobsterfest sounds like a good time!!!

  4. Thanks Chelsea, good running fuel for sure!

  5. Yes I am doing my part to start a guy selfie revival...I have a desperate need to have people look at me :)
    Whatever your plans are I hope you have a good time...have a frozen custard for me!

  6. Lobsterfest is a blast, stop by if you're ever up our way :)

  7. I like sushi but don't do tuna so I stick to veggie. Sashimi is good too but I'm picky about that too,lol. Getting ready to run RnR 1/2 marathon in Va Beach on Sunday with my hubby then I have to hit the road Monday morning and drive to CT with my little guy (moving there for a few months before our big move to Washington). Hope my legs won't hate me too much! Have a great weekend! :)

  8. Well good luck this weekend...with everything! Sounds like there are quite a few run bloggers doing RnR VA Beach, are you meeting up with anyone?

  9. It's funny bc a lot of people think I'm a blogger but I'm not just a blogger groupie I guess. I know of a few of the local bloggers here but not sure of anyone else. I'm local so I usually hang out with our local running group or my other running group (Team Hoyt VB) that pushes special needs kids.

  10. I would totally want to meet blogger groupies!