Monday, August 19, 2013

Sun, Fun and a Run

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! We finally had a bit of return to some nice summery weather here and Michelle, the kids and I got to enjoy a beautiful weekend up at the cottage. Up until this weekend we have only been able to have two "real" beach days all summer since it has been so cool on the weekends, but we were able to double that the last couple days!

photo 4

My Mum came down with us both days and the kids got to enjoy some fun in the sand with Nana

photo 5

...and of course there were delicious summer snacks like watermelon, which we all enjoyed

photo 3

We had some fun family time too, and a Sunday adventure with the top and doors off the Jeep...we took a family trip to the dump of all places, where we told Jackson we were looking for bears. The only bear the kids spotted was Dad throwing the trash in the dumpster.

photo 6

I gave myself a training present on Friday, some new Mizuno Wave Sayonara's! Tell me these aren't the best looking shoes you've laid eyes on (which is totally the best reason to buy a pair of shoes...)

photo 1

I took them out for a test drive on Sunday morning and managed to get 11 miles in...I considered going further, but I was already back to the cottage and figured it was time to get breakfast going for the family.

photo 2

I'm thinking that next weekend will be a good time to get in another looooong run, I'm thinking of getting backup to 18 miles or so. The toughest decision I'm facing now is which shoes to go with come marathon day...

What was the last new pair of running shoes you bought?

Have you ever bought running shoes just because they looked good?


  1. Uh.....YES!!! Comfort and function are always top for running shoes but looks are a close 2nd!!!
    Love the new shoes!!!

  2. Fashion before function! Though I do love my pink and purple shoes. Last pair of shoes I bought was Mizuno Wave Precisions which I love and are on the extinct list to be replaced by Sayonaras. I have a pair of Sayonaras and I think they will work. I still think if your shoes look good, you will run faster!

  3. Comfort and function are definitely important, but if shoes LOOK fast then they ought to MAKE you fast...right??

  4. Thankfully my New Balance M890sv3 come in a LOT of crazy schemes, so I picked the ugliest/most awesome ones.
    I started my last pair like 3 weeks ago.
    The green socks are a killer pairing!

    And the getting home for family breakfast.. what a drag! When I am out with family and it is a long run morning I tell them to start without me... but then don't and I feel bad...for a minute lol

  5. Nice new shoes! Last ones I bought were my Saucony A5 Racing flats, although I have another pair of Kinvara 4's on my list right now as my current ones are getting up there in mileage! Looks like a great weekend of fun and running!

  6. Sugar Coated SheridanAugust 19, 2013 at 3:56 PM

    Those shoes look great! The last new running shoes I got were some Adidas, but I really haven't run in them enough to give a good review yet...My all time favorite are still my Asics.

  7. Nike lunarlon's! I'm loving them and so are my feet! :)

  8. The women's Sayonara's look great too...I hope they work out for you!

  9. The ugliest have a funny way of being the most awesome, don't they?
    You can spot the child of the 80's easy enough, just look for the neon...and nothing beats neon green!
    The family won't start without me...I'm the cook :)

  10. I picked up a pair of Kinvara 4's a few weeks ago at a great price from Running Warehouse, they're great shoes (love all my Kinvara's). I'm leaning towards them for Chicago...

  11. Funny enough I've never owned a pair of Asics...I hear nothing but good things from people hat wer them, may need to try them out some day.

  12. Those were the shoes I first started running in Kierston, glad you (and your feet) like them!

  13. What a great weekend! The kids look like they're loving the beach! And those sneakers do look awesome!

  14. Your beach day looks awesome! And your little family is so beautiful.
    Good luck making such a tough life decision. I mean us runners don't mess around when it comes to shoes.

  15. Oh they love the beach, that's for sure...thanks for commenting!

  16. Aw, thanks Jacqueline...they are a good looking bunch :)

    Yes, that decision sure is a struggle...we take shoes vury, vury seriously around here!

  17. Yes, we sure do!!!!!

  18. LOL your son has a piece of watermelon jammed in his mouth in every pic. I love it! Too funny!

  19. Haha he sure does! Not only shoved in his mouth, but another one in his hand ready to go...