Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Would You Rather - Edition #5

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Cori has done it again! She has put together very absurd odd Would You Rather Running survey Q's. These have quickly become one of my favourite posts that she puts together every so often - so let's begin shall we...

Would you rather… Be dressed up like a Zombie for a race OR be chased by a Zombie during a race?

Don't start sending me hate mail, but I just think Zombie's and the whole Zombie craze is a bit ridiculous, but who doesn't luv a good costume. Although I have never yet dressed in costume for a race - I would pick costume...assuming it was breathable and dri-fit ;) ...and besides I'm not a super fast runner, so I don't particularly like the idea of being chased by anything....

Would you rather… train with Chuck Norris or train with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Hhhmmmm I think I'll go with Arnold. Clearly from all his years in fitness competitions he has the drive and focus to be able to help me attain whatever my training goal may be

Would you rather…Get stuck in an elevator after a race with other people and have to pee or get stuck in a port-a-potty at your race?

Considering the fact that I can go to bed at night feeling like I have to pee, and yet wait to the morning to do so...I'll go with elevator...surely this camel would have no problem holding it

Would you rather… drink milk as you run your race or drink soda/pop?

Dt.Coke for the win

Would you rather… puke all the way down the front of yourself during a race or have someone ELSE puke on your foot?

Uumm neither...but I'd rather not be able to smell the puke the entire time...so I'll go with someone else on my foot...either way - totally gross

Would you rather… be three feet taller than you currently are or three feet shorter than you currently are?

I'll go with shorter...that would make me a mere 25 inches tall, but I feel that our world is more easily accommodating to petite frames, then it is to obscurely tall ones

Would you rather… sing Call me Maybe on repeat during a race OR do the macarena the entire race?

Call me Maybe...one of the last times Mike and I were at Howl at the Moon in Chi town...they did this song...and it was hilarious...so whenever I hear the song if makes me think of that rendition...and puts me in a super happy mood

Would you rather… have someone’s snot rocket hit you in the face or someone’s blood from chaffing hit you in the face?

Oh dear...seriously - where does she come up with these...snot rocket. Hopefully I would be able to easily flick it off and away...blood not so much...and not that I'm a germaphobe...but I think having some stranger's blood on me would really bother me

Would you rather… receive a beautiful, shiny medal at the end of your race OR have the race organizers donate $100 to a charity after you finish a race?

As we all learned the other week...I do enjoy race bling BUT if there was an option at every or any race for that matter to choose to donate to a charity...I would choose it every time...no question

Would you rather… “hit the wall” halfway through your race distance and struggle the rest of the way OR get close to the end feeling great the whole time but end up having to DNF?

I would rather hit the wall and struggle to finish...doing that builds character and would make me mentally stronger (and trust me I was there during my first ever 1/2 marathon)...let's be honest I would be super disappointed in myself if I ever had a DNF

Your turn...pick one to answer below

You make up a question and I'll answer...ready...set...go




  1. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessAugust 20, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    LOL this is great- i agree diet coke for the win!! and personally i think call me maybe is really catchy, so i choose that one no problem. also- i nominated you for the sunshine award!! your posts always brighten my day! and if CRMike and CRRhoda want to get in on it too, have at it!!

  2. Heather @ Run Like a G!August 20, 2013 at 11:34 AM

    It's fun to see everyone's answers to this!

  3. AHHHH I am NOT a zombie person either, preach.

    1. Chuck Norris for sure, Arnolds voice annoys me
    2.Elevator...portopotties creep me out...in and out as fast as possible
    3. Diet soda for sure...I know I can run on it.
    4. Neither, I'd have to stop for either of those.
    5. I suppose shorter, baby clothes are cuter than hell
    6.Call me maybe fo sho.
    7.Snot rocket would be easier to get off I think
    8. CHarity of choice
    9. Hit the wall half way and have to push through

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who is not a Zombie everything fan!!! Cori really is creative with these questions. The puke one totally grossed me out!!!

  5. zoooooooooooombies. LOVE zombies. I go on a zombie pub crawl every year. I would want to be a zombie chasing someone!!

  6. Sugar Coated SheridanAugust 20, 2013 at 10:19 PM

    I would definitely rather hit the wall and struggle to finish rather than DNF. That's just awful! And the snot rocket...Wow :)

  7. Diet soda for sure...I know I can run on it....ME TOO (can you tell I probably drink too much of the stuff)...what can I say - it's my vice in life :)

  8. Exactly...I don't care for either option...if I felt that sick - I don't think I'd be running the race - just sayn'

  9. ok...I think I could handle a pub crawl....