Thursday, August 8, 2013

Say It With Flowers...and Lunch

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

If you read the blog yesterday you know that it was CheapRunnerMichelle's birthday. Her mom was taking her out for dinner last night so I suggested that the kids and I meet her for lunch. I was working from home, so we settled on the Oar House, which meant we could walk over and Michelle could drive there to meet us.

Mugging for the camera

They have a cheap great lunch menu and it was even better since it was Wacky Wednesday...Michelle got to have one of her favourites for her birthday lunch, spaghetti, while I had a chicken wrap and the kids enjoyed pizza and fries. Yumminess all around!

Bonus points for anyone who knows what the background graffiti 'Kilroy was Here' means

We also brought Michelle her presents to open since she wouldn't be home until later at night. Kennedy used her own money to buy Michelle a book she had wanted and I got her a necklace...technically Jackson's name wasn't on any of the gifts, so Michelle told him he was a jerk hahaha :) We are the sort of family that are always joking around like that, we have fun. She did take it back though...when she got back to work these were there for her...

Jackson's Redemption Flowers

I guess flowers made it all better, Jackson was off the hook. This is a lesson that all men learn at some point in their lives, just not usually at 4 years old.

The kids and I went back home and I finished up my work is vacation season right now and I am covering for two other guys, meaning I am swamped this week. I had wanted to go out for a run after work, but a combination of things (rainy weather, a little knee pain, due for a rest day) all made me say forget it...which is sometimes not such a bad thing! I had run 7 straight days so I guess I earned a break. Back at it today though.

I have new running motivation too! I had a guy send me a friend request on Nike+ (my Nike+ ID is mikec00ke if you want to follow me) so I accepted and found out he runs more than I do! I'm not top of my leaderboard anymore which I'm sure will get to me soon enough. Anything to keep me on track is a good thing!

One last thing for you...I tried a new energy bar the other day before my run and it was DELICIOUS! It was a carrot cake Luna Bar, and I didn't even care that the packaging says "Nutrition Bar for Women"

Don't judge me! I may get emotional and start crying now...

What pre-run snacks do you go for?

I usually grab a Clif Bar

Do you like having flowers delivered? Or something else??



  1. You know you're a grown ass man with kids when you can say yumminess and not think twice about it.

    The leader board thing would get to me too. I only have a few friends on my Runkeeper. But I know if I went on Daily Mile, I would be a noob! Motivation at least!

  2. Ya, that's a definite sign...also a sure sign that you are a blogger as you would never say 'yumminess' out loud!
    Us men, so competitive. I love how we always say things like "I'm only competing with myself", and then the moment we someone ahead of us (in anything) we feel the need to beat them.

  3. OK - Declan's comment is cracking me up!!!
    Sounds like y'all made Michelle's birthday a great day for her!!
    Glad that Jackson is learning what women like early on in his life.

  4. Charlotte@CommitnessToFitnessAugust 8, 2013 at 10:36 AM

    hahaha im still laughing over the "jerk" comment- i like how nobody is off limits in your family, not even the 4 year old. my family is the same way. those flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Sounds like a good way to celebrate her birthday!

    I go both ways on the flower things- I like them but it isn't necessary. I think the gesture of doing something nice (out of the blue, or on a special day) is more important whether it be flowers or not. But yes, I am a girl and it's nice to have flowers show up at the office once in a while. :)

    I like grabbing a PB&J before a run....sugar, carbs and protein!

  6. Looks like Michelle had a marvelous bday!!

  7. Jackson is sure to be a ladies man :)

  8. Oh ya, if you can't make fun of your family who can you make fun of??

  9. You're, it really is the thought (and that you're thinking about your loved ones) that counts the most.
    I'll go for PB on an English muffin, that's a good pre-run snack too. I need more PB in my life

  10. Sugar Coated SheridanAugust 8, 2013 at 9:33 PM

    Definitely a Clif Bar or a Kind Bar...And great job on the flowers :)

  11. Not a flower type of girl at all. I just hate getting something that will last a week tops and with the infrequency of visitors in my house no one will even see them. My hubby has it down now and gets me something like a cute running top instead. Running apparel is truly the gift that keeps on giving! Love Luna bars. Gotta find that Carrot cake one. I tend to go for the lemon one. Happy Birthday Michelle!

  12. Seriously the carrot cake Luna bar was good!
    Ya that's the problem with flowers, they just don't last. I think the flowers in our garden only have a one week life expectancy green-thumbs at our house