Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Running & Long Weekends

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

I'm blogging his morning from the front porch at the cottage because we are still enjoying our weekend here in Canada. For some reason today is a holiday...we just call it the Civic Holiday...not really sure what it is for other than having a mid-summer long weekend, but honestly isn't that reason enough? I sure think so!

We've had a really nice weekend hanging out with friends and family, sitting around just chillin' and of course getting in some good runs. All three of us got out for a rare run together as we cruised the beach on Saturday.

Thanks to Kennedy for taking the picture for us! Isn't it funny that we all have the same GPS watches, we all ran together, and we all have different distances? Ahh, technology...

On Sunday morning Rhoda and I got up and hit the road for an early run (a "for us" early run...a late run for many of you readers). We are both in the midst of marathon training and don't have many chances to go out on our long runs with a partner so this was a great opportunity to do so. We set out with a plan to do 30K / 18 miles and I was going to take Rhoda out in the countryside where I like to go long running. Her previous high for a run was 27K so this would be her longest run ever.

The run went really well...we took a real easy pace and the weather was perfect for running. At one point we came across a field of cows and the herd all came running (yes, running) up to the fence to greet us...they all stopped in unison at the fence and swivelled their heads to watch us run by. Then they all got back into a run and followed us along the entire length of the fence before turning off into the field. These were some active bovine!

CRR & CRM Getting Ready for the Dirty 30 (that's supposed to be a '30' we are making)

After we got back from our run it was time for some lunch and we decided to head over to the States to pick up a package we had ordered (shoes of course). Port Huron is only about a half hour drive from the cottage and the weather, though sunny and perfect for running, wasn't really beach-worthy. We got our shoes, hit the mall to get some other goodies and then topped up our tanks...gas in the Jeep and Olive Garden in our bellies! I got myself a pair of Saucony Virratas (my second pair of these shoes) and a pair of the new Saucony Kinvara 4's (wanted another pair of the Kinvara 3's but my size is long gone). I will get a few runs in with the Kinvara 4's and write up a shoe review shortly for you guys.

Shoe Porn -- Virrata's on top and Kinvara 4's below

We capped off the night with a nice parents came by for a bit as well as friends from around the street. It was a really chilly night, but the fire...and tequila...kept us nice and toasty!

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila...

My 'Mandatory' Leg & Sneaker Selfie...are Sperry's Sneakers Though?

And now you're all caught up on our Civic Holiday Weekend...looks like one more day of relaxing here at the cottage, but sadly it's another day that will be too cold for the beach. I love the sunshine, but a little bit of heat would be nice's August for crying out loud!

If you can't see it, that's 11°C / 52°F...BRRRR!!!

Hope everyone out there had a great weekend and for our fellow Canucks, enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

Have any of you had livestock follow you on a run?

What is the temperature like where you are?

Seems like it has been either too hot or too cold all year!



  1. Looks like a fun time, awesome long run too!

    can't go wrong with Saucony- I'm addicted to them..kinvara's in particular! 7 pairs over last few years...#8 will be coming pretty soon!

  2. bwhaha legs and shoes selfie win. Love that you guys all have the same GPS watch! BFFs

    Too bad you didn't get a picture of the cows! No livestock in Chicago...

    The weather has been abnormally cool in Chicago over the last week or so. Supposed to be in the 80s, but we are barely hitting mid 70s.

  3. I hear ya Laura, the Kinvara is pretty much the perfect all-around shoe for me. You can wear it for training or racing at any distance

  4. Oh I know, we really wished we could have got the cows on video! I guess Chicago has a livestock ban since the incident with Mrs. O'Leary's cow??

  5. Hooray for a long weekend!! Sounds great - a run with friends/spouse, new shoes, hanging out at the lake cottage.....
    It's cool and cloudy here - I haven't had a good day of sun since coming home from Florida!!!

  6. I guess that makes the Florida vacation seem even better know! You can never go wrong spending time with the people you love...

  7. katie @ fromicecreamtomarathonAugust 5, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    Sounds like y'all are having a nice, long weekend! I've had horses follow me on a run before. (It was during a half marathon) That was pretty amazing! We've been having cooler weather here in KY too. It's been perfect for running! Hasn't been down in the 50's though- that is cold for August!!

  8. Running with horses in Kentucky would be pretty cool I must say. Cooler temps are fine, but 50's??? Not right. It did warm up a bit though, got to about 70°

  9. You guys really know how to have fun. Well done for running the distance, I am working my way up slowly but nowhere near your level yet. Love your GPS watches. It's definitely one thing on my Christmas wish list


  10. Thanks Sam! It has taken a long time to be able to run this far, but if you put your mind to it you'll get there too. We all like our watches as well, Nike has some really cool colours and in my opinion they are the most fashionable as well.