Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday…and some eats

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Happy hump day friends! It has definitely been really nice getting into a new fall routine the past week or so…and it has definitely helped me plan and schedule my workouts!

Monday morning, after an hour long walk with my AP (accountability partner)…it was time for my first official weigh in and measurements…as soon as it was over immediately texted Mike telling him that we HAD to buy a new scale…


Yikes is right!!! about a wake up call not only for me…but also for Mike…’cause we had both been using the same scale….and even stranger yet…is the scale that Mike uses at work, registered the same as the one that we had at home…so up until my weigh in on Monday morning…there was no need for alarm…or so we thought….but it’s fine…we all need a base starting point (and clearly sometimes a wake-up call). So on Monday night Mike was out and about, and picked us up a brand new digital scale (and also a digital scale for the kitchen)…he put a 15lb weight on it to get it all set-up and make sure that we are no longer living in la la land when it comes to our scale. (I like that I now know right to the “point” where I am at. Anywhoo…it’s only down from here right?!?...or at least that’s what I am working on.


Here is a summary of my workouts for the last week so far:


Spin Class

40 squats


75 squats

23 push-ups

Gym circuit (weights)


Spin class

125 squats

24 push-ups


25 push-ups


80 squats

26 push-ups

20 min brisk walk


1 hour brisk walk

50 squats

27 push-ups

Aqua-fit class


125 squats

28 push-ups


Spin class

…to come today…

50 squats

Aqua-fit class

Overall I am happy with how I have been able to be consistent and build up to more workouts these past few weeks…just keep swimming Smile


And probably my favourite eat, so far this week…..


Taco cupcakes!!!....they were soooooo delicious….very healthy….and most importantly…..super duper easy to make…and the whole family LOVED them.

What’s been your favourite meal this week?

Any easy to make…healthy recipes that you can share with me?!?!?


  1. Woot woot for spin class :) and taco cupcakes!!

  2. 9 lb. difference is huge! I'd probably cry! Glad you got a new one though. What kind of bread is that for the tacos? They look good and easy!

  3. Great job with the routine, and glad it is working well with your accountability partner. Scales are so tricky, mine was off for a long time and I never realized it either.