Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Running All The Races

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

We are just over halfway through September, pretty unbelievable.  The weather around here, as Michelle pointed out yesterday, has turned fall-like.  We have some pretty crisp mornings but it generally warms up nicely throughout the day so long as the sun is shining.  In other words, perfect running (and racing) weather!

I made a confession to Michelle a couple days ago…I told her that I really felt like going down to Disney in a few weeks so that I could run the Tower of Terror 10-Miler again.  She understood, as that race was a lot of fun.  She didn't understand when I told her I also really wanted to run the Chicago Marathon again, and it is less than a month away.  Now of course I'm not running either race, and I would be woefully undertrained to run a marathon any time soon, but the desire to run is indicative of how well my running has been going lately.

photo 1

I have ran 11 times this month (through 16 days) and amazingly, every run has been great.  My average pace for the month is 4'18"/km (6'53"/mile), which just blows me away…I'm usually in the high 4'30"s to mid-4'40"s, so this is way faster than I'm used to.  I even did a 10K training run on my lunch break Monday in 40:21…that's my second fastest 10K EVER, and I did it on a training run.  I really don't know what has gotten into my legs lately, but I like it!

photo 2

I don't want to miss out on the strong running right now, so I decided to sign up for another race this weekend…I'll be doing another MEC Race out at Fanshawe Park, because as I always say, you can't beat the MEC Race Series.  They are the guys that put on a great no-frills race for just $15.  I'll be running the 15K and will see if I can break my current 1:01:59 PR for that race.  It will be tough, but the way I'm running right now I think I have a shot!

Photo 2013-05-02 11-48 AM

Do you ever feel like running every race you can find?


  1. You're welcome...I attribute your fast legs to all the squats I've been making you do

  2. Coach Michelle obviously knows what she's doing! I remember when I was race crazy like you and P.R.-ing every race ;-)'s an amazing feeling, yes?!! Keep it up! You are on fire and we will be here cheering you on the whole way!

  3. HaHa - I'm with Michelle - it's the squats!!
    Great job on that lunchtime 10K - pretty speedy!!

  4. Yup, it's the squats. It's all you, babe :P

  5. Yes Coach Michelle gets all the credit!
    Very much an amazing certainly don't want it to end. Cut hanks for the long-distance cheers!

  6. Thanks Kim, I surprised myself with that one

  7. Whether I pr or not :) I always and forever will love running. Sometimes it's not about a PR or just killing it every race although that feels amazing and I have a lot of ag wins under my belt. Overall I can say It does more for me mentally than anything else. Sanity miles!