Thursday, September 11, 2014

The September Scramble

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

So, what's been going on this week?  We've been really busy around here, seems September just blows the doors off of our nice relaxing summer…

Kennedy started up with her new swim team on Monday night, the Y Torpedoes.  When I saw this program available for her to register for, I knew it would be right up her alley…here's the description;

Torpedoes is a youth mentorship program that uses competitive swimming as a conduit to building leadership skills, team work skills, a strong self identity, and develop a healthy attitude toward fitness. Torpedoes uses a variety of methods for delivering a comprehensive fitness program geared to the needs of young people. This includes learning the basics of warm up and stretch, in addition to how to exercise in a healthy and engaging way at the pool. Team work is integral to the program and young people work together in almost all tasks to ensure mutual success. All participants are encouraged to make leadership decisions and are always allowed to see their decisions through. Peer mentoring and coaching is used as often as possible as means to teaching accountability and skills development. Recognition is always given for group and personal successes and young people are taught important social skills through this means, such as caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

How great does this sound???  The only disappointment from Monday night's first session was that despite the program being full (with a wait list), only 3 out of 16 kids showed up.  I'm sorry parents, but if you are going to register your child for a program the least you can do is take them to the sessions!  Especially when there are other kids out there that would love to be in it and are stuck on a waiting list.

Jackson's weeks are getting busier too…he is enjoying being in school every day and seeing his friends more often.  He is really loving school this year, which has made his transition pretty easy on us.  He also started his new year at Wednesday night club at the church last night…he wasn't really looking forward to it, but of course he had a great time once he got there.  Kennedy is too old for the Wednesday program this year, so she'll be starting the Junior High program tonight.  These kiddos of mine are growing up!

On top of all the kids' activities, Michelle has been really active at the gym.  She's doing lots of spinning and aquafit and who knows what else and she's killing it all.  I've already run one race and have another triathlon on the schedule this weekend.  Where has that relaxing summer gone??

My training this week has been going pretty well…I've gotten a couple solid runs in as well as a lunchtime swim set at the Y.  Another run is on the schedule for today before I take a rest day on Friday.

photo 2

I made my first batch of chili the other day as well and it has been getting us through the last few days…I love this stuff and could eat it every day!


And one other thing I can't wait to try…Michelle's accountability partner sent this my way.  Oh man, do I want a sandwich!  How good does this sound???

photo 1

Yup, Jalapeno Mustard…wow!  I love mustard and I love spicy…what an awesome combination!

Anyone tried Jalapeno Mustard?

How's your September going?  Busy??


  1. I would be sort of put out by the lack of kids showing up for swim too - I hope the turnout is better next week or that maybe some of the kids on the list get called up.
    Michelle's accountability partner sounds incredible - I think I need someone like that around here!!!

  2. Ya I hope that the turnout gets better, and if not get those wait list kids in there!

  3. mmm, now I really want that sandwich!

    I use chicken in my chili, have done turkey yummy

  4. That baffles me that parents sign their kids up (and PAY) but then don't bring them. Just don't get it.

    September is also a crazy busy month for me, just something going on every weekend including a lot of weeknights with work and other things too!

  5. Oh it's been busy for you too has it? Why, is there something big coming soon??? You are going to kill your race!

  6. Haha thanks Mike! That's only part of it! So much going on this month, luckily mostly fun and good things (my race, friends races, being in a friends wedding...etc)