Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

I came across something over the weekend that is just so #truestory these I just had to share it with ya'll


Lol...well...happy hump day friends...not only does today mark the middle of the week, it also just so happens to be my day off work this week!!! BUT I didn't use that as an excuse to slack...I was still up (not quite so bright) and early and out the door to get my workouts in before taking the kids to school.


So let's just jump right's my workouts for the last week:
Wednesday - 6am spin class, 8:30pm Aqua-fit class
Thursday - rest day
Friday - 6am spin class, 7am aqua-fit class (yes it's a hustle to make it to aqua-fit...since the classes are at 2 different gyms)
Saturday - rest day


Sunday - 4:30pm Aqua-fit class
Monday - 6am spin class, 8:30pm Aqua-fit class
Tuesday - rest day
Wednesday - 6am spin class, 7am aqua-fit class

...I know it seems weird that I double up on classes quite a bit, and have "more" rest days...but honestly I can only do what I can fit in my schedule every day, so, so far it's working for me!...9 workouts in 7 days...I'll take it!!!

Last week Mike started talking to me about after all the swim work he did over the course of last winter - how much he saw improvement in his Tri's that he did this year, and how he might like to start going to a spin class here and there with me to start working on that discipline...I haven't quite convinced him to get up with me at 5:28am...but he says that after we get back from Chicago next week - he'll come out one morning with me! (I just hope he's not this guy in class)



Have a great hump day...I'm off to grab some breakfast!

What's your fav. bfast?

Anyone else going to watch Survivor tonight?


  1. WooHoo - way to go on all those workout!!!
    I can totally relate to that first cartoon - running is certainly different now than when I started!!!
    We are going to watch Survivor - probably not live time since we have a cross country meet this afternoon/evening but...

  2. HAHAHA I saw that on pinterest over the weekend and just posted it on my IG. Great minds I tell ya!