Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not a Great Start

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

Whomp I hope the way my day started isn't an indication of how the rest of the day is going to be


My alarm was set, my clothes were all laid out and ready to go for a class at the gym this morning...and either my alarm didn't go off or I shut it off without ever waking up.

Oh well c'est la vie...I'm not gonna be too hard on myself...I've had a really good week of workouts so far including some of this


Some circuit training. Last week my accountability partner took me through the circuit and showed me which machines I should be doing and how they this week I've been tackling them on my own, and have really quite been enjoying getting back into the swing of things at the gym.

I've also made it back to


Spin class....and good news for me, only another few classes until my private parts stop hurting so much every time I go Winking smile. In all seriousness...this class is hard core...I sweat in places that I never knew you could even sweat.  And I just learned last week that our gym offers a great incentive to actually come and workout

clip_image005 get this card, and once you complete your workout (whether it be using the machines or attending a class), and they sign the card for you...and after every 6th workout, you get entered to win some cold hard cash!!!

I'm still tracking all of my food, and although it's a lot of work, it is helping me stay on track with what I should be eating, instead of just shoveling garbage into my face. On Tuesday I came across a super easy Healthy Breakfast I gave the receive a try...and they turned out great - we've all been enjoying them - and they've been a great "breakfast" for me the last few days!


Here's the link to the recipe if you're interested.

What's been your favourite workout this week?

Anyone else have alarm problems today?

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