Monday, September 8, 2014


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Another day, another $...and so another week begins.

Even though I had to work all weekend – there were still lots of marvelous things to celebrate…so here’s my MIMM today Open-mouthed smile


I’m going to go ahead and give myself a big ‘ol pat on the back. I have been working hard on my eats and meal planning and prep, and even with not being at a “regular” place for work all weekend, I made sure to prep and plan for a delicious and health meal, as not to side track myself!


Saturday night we had a few errands to run, and we hit up the dollar store…I tried to convince Mike that this would be a pretty schweet Halloween costume…too bad we already have our costumes for this year picked out….but it was still fun to get him to play dress-up ;)


This weekend I worked at our bi-annual bridal show – the girls at work did a GREAT job of getting everything all set-up, so all I had to do was come in and work with booth! It was a pretty busy show, which was nice – it certainly helped make the time fly


Mike ran a ½ marathon yesterday…and a PR for him. It was a (chilly), but great morning to be out cheering him on!..I won't tell you too much more, as I'm pretty sure - he'll be sharing all that with you tomorrow.


My accountability partner…I cannot thank her enough for everything she is doing with me. When I first reached out to her, I never expected for her to commit to me, with the level that she has, and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for her willingness to “help a gal out”

Thanks Katie for hosting today.

What was something marvelous for you this week?

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  1. So glad your accountability partner is so awesome!! Glad the bridal show went well - always better when it's busy!!!