Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Back to School

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Yesterday we sent the kids back to school so they could prove to dad that they're not a fool.

That's pretty much how it went Smile

I was a little bit nervous for Jackson as he has become very accustomed to spending days alone with me while Kennedy is in school, and this year he moves to a new school (French Immersion) that has full day/every day Kindergarten.  I'm happy to report that he made out just fine on his first day and was actually looking to go back again today!  A very pleasant surprise indeed.  Turns out one of his friends from his old school transferred over as well and they are in the same class, so that helps ease the transition.  He makes friends very easily though, so he'll be just fine.

Kennedy is happy to have the same teacher that she had last year, who was one of her favourites.  Grade 6, where have the years gone?!?  She's with all her friends, so everything's good on her end.

With the kids back in school, I'll be able to get into the office every day.  That means lots more running during my lunch break!  I got in a really good 10K yesterday, clocking a 4:14/km (6:46/mile) pace…if I'm going to break 1:30 in my half that's about where I need to be.


I'm not really sure that I will want to be running every single day during the week yet, so I'll be adding some lunch swim sets at the Y as well soon…which is a good thing as I need to get a little swim practice in again as I just signed up for one final 2014 triathlon, scheduled for next weekend.  I'll be racing the sprint event (750m swim/20K bike/5K run) at Lakeside, which is just outside of our town…nice and close.  It also happens to be the club event for our Triathlon team, so I thought it would be nice to get out and race with the gang!


Finally, one last note from Lobsterfest that is just too good to pass up…I sent one of my buddies home with a couple of leftover lobster tails, and here's what he decided to do with it


As he put it, "I'll have your second finest meat topped with your finest…Very well sir, lobster topped hot dogs!!!"

I personally think this looks amazing…there may be a new feature item for next year's Lobsterfest!

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  1. I don't really know what to think about the whole lobster on a hotdog!!
    Hooray for great first days for the kids - always a good thing for a parent!!!