Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wingin' It

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Hey all, happy Thursday.  It has been an odd week here as we wrap up the last week of summer holidays before the kids head back to school.  My running had been great the last few weeks but I'm stuck on a zero so far this week…I'll be getting out at lunch to change that though.  I've been battling a summer cold and haven't felt much like getting out, especially since we've had some really humid weather making breathing even more difficult.  Cooler temperatures today though so I'll give it a shot.

I got out golfing the other day for my work tournament and it was quite fun…I was able to spend the day with some good friends, enjoy the outdoors and have a nice meal afterwards…all in all a great day!  Two of the guys in our foursome even won new TV's as door prizes…what are the odds of that??

Yesterday we got out for a family dinner with Michelle's mom and her sister's family…my brother had actually taken Jackson out to Build-a-Bear, but he was able to get dropped off just in time to get his wings.  Yup, he's my Wing Man


After dinner we went and placed our lobster order for Lobsterfest this weekend, and then I took off to take part in a fantasy football draft.  I barely watch football anymore and can't really field a good fantasy team as it is, but this is a College fantasy football league…which I know absolutely nothing about.  I only do it to see some old friends and make sure they have a full league…I had a good time hanging out with the boys though, so it was worthwhile.  And I got to have a Guinness which is always a good thing Smile  My team really sucks though.


Anyone else play fantasy football?


  1. haha Jackson looks so cute with his wingman hat!! I'm out so you guys have a great Labor Day wknd!! I'm sure we'll catch up on IG :-)

  2. no fantasy football for me - I do try to take in as many college games as possible though!!

  3. Your wing man is kinda cute :)