Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heated Seats in August? You Bet.

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It's been a pretty quiet week here without Kennedy around, but there's still plenty of Jackson to keep life interesting!

He's off to camp during the day as well, and he's having a lot of fun as well.  They are doing lots of fun stuff, but that doesn't keep my little man from missing his daddy.  Yesterday morning I dropped him off on my way to work and a couple hours later received a phone call.  He was bawling his eyes out because he missed me.  Poor little guy.  I talked to him and told him I would pick him up after camp and that he should just enjoy himself and have fun with all the cool activities planned for the day.  I guess that helped because at the end of the day he had a big smile and said how much fun he had, especially at their campfire where they roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  Parenting win.


Last night was our final Splash n Dash of the year and it was a cold one!  Temperatures were down around 20°C (68°F) and the wind was howling at the lake.  There was actually a pretty decent chop out on the water and we had to swim against it on the long leg of our swim.  My swim time was just a touch slower than my average, so I was happy given the conditions and the fact I hadn't been swimming in two weeks.  I hit the run course and I was flying pretty good…one of my half-hearted Splash n Dash goals this year was to run a sub-20 5K out of the water and last night I nearly did it.  I gave a good push and clocked a sub-4 minute pace over the last few kilometres but it was just a little too late as I ended up a few seconds over the 20-minute mark.  Still a great time though and I managed a 3rd place finish…a nice way to end my first season of Splash n Dashing!  It was a cool evening though, and this was definitely required on my drive home


Wet tri shorts deserve a heated seat!  It was pretty nice up through my back too…quite soothing after a tough workout.

It wasn't my first workout of the day either as I had already been out for a great run at lunch, logging a little over 8 miles.  Cool summer weather sucks, but at least it makes for good running.  I'll take 90° and sun over this any day though.


Run streak alert…I've gotten in 4 runs in my last 3 days and will go out again at lunch today.  I'm really getting my running groove back again and feeling (and chasing) that runner's high.  The distance is melting away beneath my feet and I'm getting stronger the further I go.  I'm going to try to mix in a good long run this weekend and get a good gauge on where my endurance is at to see if I can break that elusive 1:30 half marathon barrier.

Any winter comforts you enjoy during the summer?  Like heated seats or maybe a hot chocolate?


  1. Look at you Canadians up there with your perfect running temps! So jealous it's still 3048359 degrees here in the TX. Enjoy!!

  2. I don't have heated seats in my car, but anytime I am in a car with them... I turn them on. My legs and back love that! I'm sure that felt great after an awesome splash and speedy dash!

  3. Yup we are suffering here! This weather sucks, give me your 3048539° any day!

  4. I need to take advantage of them more...felt so good :)