Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten things Tuesday

Posted by CheapRunnerMichelle

1. Exercise has been difficult to fit into my life this last little while, so I am really looking forward to a "scheduled" life again in a few weeks, once the kids go back to school (and let me be honest that with everything else going on in life, I haven't really been motivated either)

2. K took me out for dinner last night - it was just the two of us girls, and we had a wonderful time just hanging out together...we don't get much time with just the two of us, so it's definitely always special when we do


3. I'm not quite sure where Mother Nature is getting her memo's from...but it's still summer...why are we having fall-like weather already?!?

4. A new accessory at the cottage


5. We attended a visitation at the funeral home on Sunday night, and it was a reminder to me yet again that we all have our time, and that we never know when that's going to be, so we need to make sure that we live with no regrets and live each day to it's fullest

6. I think us (especially girl's) need to remind ourselves often about this


7. I am already counting down the days until our next family vaycay to Disney...I cannot wait!!!

8. This is what Mike bought me for my bday...and I cannot wait for it to arrive


9. This is my first week of working a full 5 days...in weeks, how am I ever going to handle it...lol




Your turn to share something today...


  1. I love that you got a night out with K, I remember doing that with my mom sometimes (still do). Great quality time just to 2 of you.

    Honestly I think this entire year has been 'cleansing' although at times I felt like I was drowning.

  2. I think we have all the summer weather down here - it has been close to 100 this week!
    Glad you enjoyed girls night with your daughter!