Friday, August 8, 2014

Cheeseburger (Cake) In Paradise

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

Here I sit on my last day of vacation, looking back at a fun week up at the cottage.  Sure I still have the weekend, but it's different being up here during the week while it isn't too busy.  The kids and I have had a great week, and of course the party will continue for Kennedy and Jackson next week at summer camp.

The lake hasn't really cooperated for us the last few days as despite having awesome weather, the water has been quite rough…too rough to take the boat out.  We had about enough of it yesterday and decided to brave some swells anyways and had a great time jumping waves.  Our boat is just a little 14' Sea Doo, so it gets on pretty well in some chop…you can really throw it around and have some fun!  We are hoping today will finally bring some calm waters so that we can get the tube out, plus Michelle came up last night and has the rest of the weekend off with us.

Speaking of Michelle, we celebrated her birthday last night with her favourite meal (spaghetti) and then we had a hamburger and fries for dessert…


The grocery store in town always has cool cakes and they do a great job with them…this one seemed to be a hit!

After my little run-break I have been back on the train, getting in runs the last few days.  I've continued to break out of my 10K bubble and add a few extra miles on most runs, trying to build a little endurance.  Things are going well and as always I am loving the beach running…it is tougher than running on the road, but the hard work pays off.  I've been asked a few times if I run barefoot on the beach, but I just wear my normal shoes…I might consider barefoot, but the problem is that I have a 500m run on the road (some of which are gravel) to get to the beach and my feet are wimps Smile with tongue out


I'll attempt to get out again today, but I already have lots of stuff planned so it may be tough finding time…if it happens, it happens.  I'm not really too concerned either way.

I guess I missed #tbt by a day, but I found a family picture from one of our beach days here at Ipperwash from a few years ago…I guess I can still share it now.  Can you spot Michelle?

Copy of Ipperwash-1

Have a good one folks, and enjoy your weekend!


  1. That cake is so cool!! Enjoy the weekend, hope the weather cooperates for you!

  2. Looks like we were 8 mile run twinsies this week!

    Love that cake!! Keep celebrating Michelle!!!

  3. What a fun birthday cake for Michelle!!!
    Hope the water is calmer this weekend- glad you still braved the whitecaps yesterday!!
    You know I'm excited that you posted the picture of your miles/time while on the tractor!