Monday, August 4, 2014

The Buzzed Bee

Posted by CheapRunnerMike

It has already been a great long weekend up here at the cottage and it looks like today will be another awesome day…here's a quick recap.

We started out the weekend by getting the good news that the boat was fixed and ready to be picked up at the marina, just in time for our week of vacation at the beach!


There will be plenty of good times this week out on the water, let's hope the weather cooperates for us!  The kids are looking forward to going tubing and dropping anchor out in the lake and getting some deep water swimming in…they love to dive off the stern into the crystal-clear water (and so do I!)

The weekend was jam-packed start to finish with friends stopping by…there were lots of good times around the fire on Friday night followed up by friends coming up on Saturday morning for a great visit.  There was time at the beach, time at the BBQ grill, and of course time sitting around with a beer in my hand.  One thing there was NOT plenty of was running…I didn't get out at all, and surprisingly I didn't really care.  I'll get some good runs in later on during the week, but the weekend was all about friends and family time.

Michelle mentioned the other day that we had some new additions to the cottage family with the discovery of baby birds…the kids were lucky enough to see them hatch last week and this weekend they were able to see them continue to grow and develop.


So cool to see the kids get interested in nature and get invested in these little guys.

Sunday was more of the same as we had some other friends come up for the day.  We spent some time down at the beach and were able to get into the water…it actually seems to be (finally) warming up!  If there's a better way to spend a summer long weekend than with friends hanging out at the beach, I haven't found it.  Once again there was plenty of good food and drink, fun times and campfires when we came back to the cottage, and we capped the night with a fireworks show down the road at our neighbour's place.


Almost forgot one of my favourite little moments of the weekend…sitting on my porch watching a bee get drunk off my margarita.  This bee was hilarious…he took himself a little sip and then stumbled around all over the place.  Reminded me of the old Superfly comics from Joe Cartoon…I am easily amused Smile

Well that's it for today…time to get off the internet and on the water!  Have a great day!!


  1. Glad the boat got fixed in time and you were able to enjoy the weather and Margaritas!!! :)

  2. Sounds like y'all are having an awesome time! One of these days I'd love to go tubing. So funny about the drunk bee!

  3. haha the tipsy bee is hilarious!!!

  4. Hooray for such an awesome weekend to kick off a week of fun and vacation!! Enjoy every second!! Too funny about the drunk bee!